Will Artificial Intelligence rule the world in 2018?

In the year of 2017 we have seen the rise of new technology into the power. And most famed and most raising technology in the coming days is un-doubtfully Artificial Intelligence. This technology is making new sensation in the era of tehnology. AI have seen in the hollywood movies that robots acting more smarter and intellictual then the humans. This science fiction will soon be captured as reality with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As per many researches, Aritificial Intelligence can put a stop for wrong directions, wrong predictions and unmatched suggestions. In search engines it helps in improves the better related searches and it will be much beneficial for business owners to graph their audiences.

can Artificial Intelligence create jobs?

Yes, there will be new job opportunities for the job-seekers as skilled person is required to run the intelligence. Artificial Intelligence needs developers to run the AI successfully. Special courses will be introduced into market to learn AI and it will create few job opportunities for both the learners and teachers.

AI in banking sectors

Banks are crucial sectors in the country to run the financial factors. By using AI in the banking sectors even the people with Un-known languages can get help from the AI in the form of the chat box. If the customer needs any help from online AI can respond on behalf of human and gives instant help with related answers.

AI in Security

Whatever the technology that come into the market our big concern is its security. By introducing the AI in the security sector, we can easily graph out the behaviour of the person and the purposes. If any suspicious activity is detected by AI then it will close all the security threats and puts the security in good hands by transferring the same information to the developer about the loops in the security.

AI in Health care

Most of the diseases in the present day are unexpected and takes time to prepare a dose for it. With AI you can estimate the spread of the diseases and the population facing the diseases. We can predict the condition of the diseases and the availability of the medicines.

AI in education

Education is the important bone for the development of the nation. For today we have many traditional and new courses in the colleges and soon there will be short term courses introduced into the universities. AI can help create more research oriented projects. Special demand will rise for the people who is expert in AI. 

AI in e-commerce

There are number of e-commerce stores on the online and that are competing to sell their products online. It is very important to maintain user friendly website and user attractiveness, related products on the store. AI can understand the user behaviour and showcases only the products that the user will click or buy. Even for today there are many e-commerce store using AI to increase their sales online. 

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Above mentioned are the few advancements that are going to implement in the coming future. With AI we can see increased technology usage, easy navigation and  right predictions. It will change the transportation system and machine communications. There will be good growth for AI over the others it will surely rule the technology and introduces new smart tech gadgets that run with AI.

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