Whatsapp Video Calling Introductory Facts

Whatsappp,  a world wide popular messenger has rolled new features to its enriched users. Previously whatsapp delivered text messages, sending files and voice calling services. As to give a big wings to its market, it started a new feature service called “whatsapp video calling”.

They launched this feature firstly in india, as india is most important chain for their community. This most awaited update was came into existence after having so many reviews from its users worldwide. After taking many considerations it developed a whatsapp video calling feature for android, iPhone and windows phones.

Whatsapp video calling features:

whatsapp video calling


How does it Works:

To enjoy whatsapp video calling feature you need to upgrade to its latest version. And most importantly to make a call to your friend/family your call receiver should have its upgrade version. This feature works on android  4.1+ version.

How to place a Call:

whatsapp video calling

As usual from the earlier calling screen, you need to tap on call icon there you will be displaced two options i.e.., voice call or video call. Choose the video call option to make your video calls.

Additional Features:

  • You can use the both front and back camera, to make a video call.
  • Can record your call.
  • Also you can chat, while you are on a call.

What they Use:

They use facebook servers for this feature. As well known that facebook video calling feature enabled earlier with its messenger.

Security Features:

Whatsapp respects it users abundantly, keeping in mind it earlier launched end to end encryption feature and they use the same process for video calling feature too.

  • Your data won’t be supplied to service providers with end-to-end encryption.
  • Third parties can’t read your data.

Video Calling Quality:

Officially whatsapp stated that the quality and strength of video calling depends on your server strength and network provider assurance.

Calling Charges:

You won’t be charged for using this feature as it is a free feature. It requires a data connection to place a call of Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. However data charges applicable based on your internet plan.


Now whatsapp is not at all less featured messenger anymore, with its introduce in whatsapp video calling feature. Now it is in the list of top messenger service provider in the competition to others.

Tip of the Topic:

Whatsapp video calling is a new feature that works only when a user switches to its latest version. Moreover the other hand user should also have the latest whatsapp version app to enjoy its service.

Here we suggest you that, should not open any unknown links arrived in your whatsapp chats. This type of links may inject malware and automatically downloads  third-party apps. We hope you enjoy whatsapp video calling feature better, bigger and safer.

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