What is AMP? Google AMP advantages and Disadvantages

Google AMP is the trending topic on the internet for the bloggers to know AMP benefits and uses. Accelerated Mobile Pages can make your website load faster on the mobile devices along with the rich user experience. Here in this post, we will let you know on the What is AMP? Google AMP Advantages and disadvantages (Pros and Cons)

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What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages which means to accelerate the website speed by loading it faster. This initiative was integrated with the google as the Accelerated Mobile Pages project. The ultimate goal of the project is to make the website load faster and give enhanced experience to the mobile users.

AMP project was taken to eliminate the slow loading times of the website that irritates the visitor. Faster website loading time gives fast access to the content and also it is one of the proven ways to increase SERP. Fast website loading time equals to better SERP.

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Google AMP advantages

There are several advantages of using an AMP on your pages as they help you load faster and also rank better. And these advantages include amp SEO benefits.

1. Google considers and ranks the websites with quick load times on good rankings position. AMP enabled websites will rank higher positions on mobile devices

2. Improves slow internet connections and user experience

3. More traffic is gained as the page loads faster

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Google AMP disadvantages

1. Your website layout will be minimised by eliminating the high loading scripts. That means extra widgets are not allowed on the website

2. Ad revenue will be decreased a lot as it eliminates extra widgets

3. Analytics of the website an also be checked on the Google Analytics


The Google AMP project has balanced pros and cons. It helps to build the website traffic but fails to increase ad revenue. The best part is to experience the faster loading time and increased visitors on the website.

Even though Accelerated Mobile Pages are the ranking factor on mobile devices. Several websites have not integrated with it because of the AMP cons. The biggest cons are that your ad revenue is reduced, your website widgets will be eliminated and you can graph the performance of the website only through the Google Analytics.

We hope that post on What is AMP? Google AMP advantages and disadvantages along with Google AMP pros and cons has helped you in knowing better about Accelerated Mobile Pages. In my view, I would recommend not to go for AMP and also share your opinions in the comments below.

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