8 Ways To Identify Fake Facebook Account

No doubt that, we all are living in the fake world. You may believe or not about 15-20% of facebook accounts are fake facebook accounts. Making fake facebook account had become a new trend to disturb other or to play with others.

Even it is said that facebook can’t identify fake account until he/she gives a complaint on that facebook account. And the interesting thing is that among those fake accounts 95% of the accounts are created on girls profile.

In this post we guide to on how to identify the fake facebook account and how to be safe from those spammers entering in to your account.

1. Profile:

Facebook profile is important is identify the person to whom you are interacting with. Most of the fake users leaves the following clues on their fake facebook profile.

  • Incomplete profile.
  • Unmatched address.
  • Mismatched words.
  • Incorrect data in specified profile.


2. Photos:

Facebook profile photos and cover photos speaks a lot then their profile information. This is where you can easily identify face facebook account with the following.

  • Contains celebrity photos.
  • Uploads dirty photos.
  • Uses others photos.
  • No similar photos.
  • None of them matches with albums.

3. Bithday:

Most of the fake accounts won’t show real date of birth and more often they follow numerical power with fixed numbers or round figures as.

  • Jan 1st
  • Dec 25th
  • Jun 30th
  • Most important thing is that if you find any friend request from female, firstly go to their profile and check date of them if you find date and year then it is 75% fake account as girls go rare to display their date of birth and most of them doesn’t show their birth year.

4. Provided Name:

All almost every original facebook account will be linked up with their Email id. You can identify their account by checking there Email specified name with the given user name.

  • If you find difference in their name spy on them.

5. Activity:

Fake facebook accounts have irregular activity like posting unusual status update, and unusual commenting on others photos and posts.

  • Trick is that if any one makes fake account firstly he/she uses original account and quickly they move to fake out chat if they are in your friends chat you can identify them by spying on their in and out account activity.

6. Differs:

There name and their gender does not match up.

  • shows girl name and displays as male.

7. Friends: 

Fake accounts do not need any known friends as it is made to spam others. Look at their friends list and identify if they are of same location, because most of the friends are from same location. If you can’t find their friends location related as same simply ignore them.

  • Check their friends list location and his/her location.

8. Fake Request:

Almost all of the fake facebook account are made on girl’s name with most attractive celebrity faces. If you received any request from a profile named as girl reject as it satisfies below.

  • Random celebrity photos.
  • Provided contact number.

If you found any account with your profile you can report to facebook for pretending as you.

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Tip of the Topic:

Social sharing sites are meant to communicate with known personalities but they are not meant to disturb/irrigate/imitate others. And remember none of two facebook accounts are similar,keep a spy on those kinds of account and report to facebook.

Maintain your profile photos and profile information with your own known privacy policy but not the public audience and feel good to report back if you find any fake facebook account.

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