How To Use WhatsApp Pinned Chats Feature [WhatsApp Update]

Quick points:

  • WhatsApp introduces new feature to its android users
  • Its update include pinned chats feature
  • You can pin upto 3 chats at the top without scrolling

Whatsapp released its latest update with the most useful and beneficial features that will attract all the android users.While coming to the update WhatsApp pinned chats feature will add more fun to your contacts without checking down and scrolling down the contacts.

This latest updated feature allows its users to pin their most frequent chats or most immediate chats to the top of the chats section without checking them all the time.

How to use pinned chats feature:

  1. Open your WhatsApp
  2. Choose the contacts or chats you want to pin and long press on that chat
  3. Now you will find the pin feature on the top of your screen and click on it
  4. Once you did it will show the pinned chats at the top of the chats without scrolling or searching for the particular chat
  5. You can pin upto only 3 chats

How to unpin the chats:

If you want to unpin the chats you can easily long press on the chats you selected and again click on the pin symbol. That’s it now you has successfully unpinned the chat.

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Highlight of the update:

With this new pinned chats feature, once you pin the chat it will always appear on the top of the chats section until you unpin the chat. Now with this feature users can easily respond to the most important chat on their contacts like family, relatives and friends chat.

By enabling the WhatsApp pinned chats you will receive the new chats and messages followed by the pinned chats. (pinned chats will be on top and new chats and messages will be shown under the pinned chats)

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