How To Turn Your Android Phone Into Google Pixel

Hello guys, here we have an interesting post for today that changes your entire phone experience. Even though it has been months over Google pixel is still the best and the innovative smartphone in the market. The only thing why your smartphone won’t match up with Google pixel is undoubtfully the software. It’s unlimited edition features made this smartphone a unique and powerful phone in the world. In this post, you will know how to turn your android phone into google pixel in an easy way.

I’m sure now you will never feel your Android smartphone as an ordinary one. This post will totally turn your android phone into google pixel. Ready to experience the best smartphone experience? follow these tips to make the most out of your smartphone.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage feature made Google pixel a great deal to buy. Whatever the photo or video you take in your pixel it is unlimited for the lifetime. To make this feature work for you there are no special apps but you can use many services that replace this feature on your phone. Use the cloud services that offer free storage options within a single tap. Make use of google drive storage, it gives upto 15 GB of free storage options and can extend the upto 30 TB storage with the premium plans. I think 1 TB storage will be the most offered space that collects almost lifetime storage for your smartphone. You can also use Dropbox to save your files.

Camera and video clarity

I think smartphones became most famed for its camera and quality. While buying a smartphone the only thing that comes to our mind is the camera. Better the camera, better we prioritise the phone. Fortunately, we have some of the best camera apps that can make your photos and videos even more better. In the previous article, we have discussed on the best selfie camera apps you can read the post to add more details to your photo and video.

Make everything Google

To experience Google Pixel on your android smartphone you should have some apps on your phone. These apps can totally transform your ordinary smartphone experience to super powered experience. Download the most popular Google apps like Google Duo and also use the Google messaging app Google Allo  From these apps you can have the quality video calling and the most advanced Messenger on your phone.

Add the Nougat launcher

The very big and special feature on Google Pixel is its innovative screen and its most attractive UI. At the release time of Google Pixel smartphone, many developers created Nougat UI that matches exactly to the original UI. But now there are some apps which can modify your UI into Nougat UI for free of cost. To add this feature just install Pixel Icon Pack launcher and after the successful installation allows the permissions for the app. Now your entire phone looks will be changed to Nougat UI.

Modify the home screen

This is the most important and most useful settings you should do to your android phone. Though you have done all the above tricks successfully you may not experience the full power of Google Pixel unless you add the most powerful widgets to the screen. Add navigation menu to the screen with a swipe to action settings. Create shortcuts for the most used apps on the home screen.

Now you have successfully turn your Android phone into Google Pixel smartphone. Let me know how these tips helped you to turn your Android device into Google pixel. And also let us know what tricks you used to follow to turn your android device into the super experienced device.

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