Trick To Increase Hike Free SMS Count

Hello readers, today I will be sharing the post on  ‘trick to increase hike free SMS count‘ in working method. This method is also recommended by the official hike team to earn unlimited free SMS in hike messenger.

In the previous post, we have discussed the reasons why hike is the best messenger in the world?  and now you will find the way to message your friend for free using hike messenger. Hike messenger had the feature of sending offline messages to the contact who were in the offline. Actually, it is a limited feature in which you will get 20 SMS for free in a month.

But there are some tricks and official confirmation that you can increase your hike free SMS count in a verified manner. With this tips, you can increase your free SMS count in your hike messenger. And also you should remember that hike offers free unlimited messages from hike to hike worldwide. It only limits the free hike to SMS count.

Increase hike free SMS count:

To increase free SMS count in hike messenger follow the below-mentioned tips

1. Use Hike daily:

Be active in the hike messenger so that you can win free SMS to your account. Open the messenger daily and use it for 10 minutes by checking your chats and posts and use its daily services.

2. Create Groups:

Create groups for chatting with more fun, by creating groups you can will extra SMS count for its active activity. Post your chats regularly and hang on with your friends by using hike stickers. Group chats are the only way to prolong our chatting sessions

3. Post Stories:

Try to post your updates in the hike messenger regularly with photos and your activities. Put likes and comments for your friend’s photos and their stories. You can also read How To Send Attractive Stickers On Whatsapp And Hike Messenger To Surprise Your Friends

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4. Invite friends:

You can increase hike free SMS count a bigger way by inviting your friends to hike. Share your invitation link with your friends and ask them to join through your referral link. You will be credited with extra SMS count for the friends joined through your referral link.

And finally be active in the hike messenger by chatting, sharing the posts and use the services it has provided such hike games, news and more. The more active you use hike the more you can increase free SMS count

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