Tips To Get High Paying Job At Google With Required Skills

As we know well google is the major search engine in the world, you should also know that job at google is most luxurious and most paid one in the world. We all know that getting a job at google is not an easy task as it involves most tough hiring process. Luckily in this post, we will share the secrets on getting a job at google as we mentioned in the title ‘Tips to get high paying job at google with required skills’

Google filters its deserved candidates at interviews by the long-term process. It involves in crossing many steps to achieve a position at google. Mainly your skills are a very important factor for joining google rather than your educational qualification.

Tips to get job at google:

job at google

1. Academic Excellence:

Previously google gave more importance to the students with more percentages in their college. But as the time changed google to changed its hiring policies with all the new methods. Now at google your percentage won’t be given much priority as now it focussed on hiring the candidates through intellective skills. But remember if you are having a long gap in between your college and job need then you might ask for the grades.

2. Get Experienced Work:

If you are having good experience in your profession then you will have the more chances to qualify at google. If you are a fresher try to acquire some experience by working on the similar professions and gain experience. It not only adds strength to your resume but also adds more exposure to that profession. If you own any type of business or startup you can mention your experience there, if you are new you can read on how to promote your business without spending money which we discussed in our previous post.

3. Advance your skills: 

If you are having a low percentage(grade) then you should definitely hit the interview by adding your extra skills. Try advancing your coding skills and improve your strengths by overcoming your weakness in coding. If you are the good coder then advance yourself by writing quick codes and learn to improve the codes with quick actions.

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4. Application for job:

You might be applied for a job at different companies but while coming at big companies like google you need to have extra care to get an interview. If you applied through a company’s website then your chances of getting interviewed are only below 30%. But if you go through the campus recruitment you can have a better and higher chance of getting interviewed. And also trying applying for a job at google through the referrals, if you don’t know any referrals then try using LinkedIn there you can find the people who work at google and get referred through them.

5. Focus on your interest:

Though you have the ability to perform multiple tasks you should prefer to go only with one perfect focus. Focus on getting more skills on one interest rather than trying multiple interests. Focus on getting more grip and more knowledge on special interest and show it in your own way to the recruiter.

6. Showcase your skills:

So far in the first point itself, we have discussed on academic grades and their importance. But it is very important to add your skills to the resume and it helps you when an HR compares your resume with the other resume in case of equal chances you skills add more weight to your qualifying chances. If you are good in sports and have certifications don’t hesitate to mention those activities because google always looks for an active person. You can also read resume writing tips to get job easily this guide will help you a lot.

7. Engineering Skills:

When it comes to google, google engineers are very skilled and very talented in every aspect they work on. To join google you should also add some engineering skills that you have performed in your engineerings such as projects and events. Attach a proof for your engineered skills and let they know you are a genius and a special deserved person.

8. Be passionate:

To get hired you should have the passion for your work and should maintain the positive attitude on your profession and don’t forget to choose your position according to your interest. Your passionate work can make you grow well enough in the company.


9. Let them know how you help their growth:

Now we are at the end of the topic with the most powerful and most useful tip on getting a high paid job at google. This could be your final question in your hiring process that is explaining how you can let their company grow with your passion and intelligence. Explain them in the clearest way that you will benefit the company from your side mention the responsibilities you are capable of doing in your job.

Tip of the topic:

While you are about to apply for a job position at google always have a clear idea of updating your resume with updated skills and qualifications and also don’t add the things that you are not capable of doing because they can track your record from everywhere.

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