How To Stop Seeing Repeated And Unwanted Adsense Ads

Google adsense ads serve the ads globally by collecting the local search and the websites you visited for more engagement on the ads. Adsense is the best ad serving platform to make money by blogging and it is the passion of many bloggers to make money. In this post, we will guide you with another helpful post on how to stop seeing repeated and unwanted adsense ads.

Adsense serves the ads based on the location and the searches you make to enhance better engagement through their ads and helps them to boost their business.

Many of the business promoters and sponsors choose adsense as the best way to boost their business because of their strict rules and conditions.

Benefits of stopping unwanted adsense ads:

  • You will be exposed to new ads
  • You will find the new interesting news and topics.

Steps to stop repeated and unwanted adsense ads:

When you visit any blog or any informational site you will find your interest based ads to engage your interest to the advertiser to boost their sales. Follow the step to stop seeing unwanted adsense ads.

  1. Click on the cross mark of the ad which appears on the right op of the ad.
  2. Now select stop seeing this ad
  3. Choose the reason to block the ad, as mentioned in the choice of the menu like seen many times, not interested and inappropriate.(choose anyone of the reason) if you have seen the same ad many times choose seen many times option.

After you choose the reason google adsense will leave you a message of we try not to show the same ad again and then on adsense won’t show the ad that you have blocked.


Tip of the Topic:

The reason for trusting in google adsense is its quick valuable services among the other ad networks. It places the ads based on your search behaviour to help the internet users and advertisers make the most of their ads. In this post, we suggest trusting in adsense shows you all the relevant content ads to make your orders or information in depth analysis.

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