SEO Tips for Beginners [Easy Guide]

Hello bloggers, hope you are doing great. And here in this post, we will share you the most important SEO tips for beginners. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the main source to generate organic traffic to your website and here we will show how it works.

If you are a blogger maintaining blogs then you must come across the term SEO. For beginners, it just looks like the big process but at the end of the post, you will come to know how simple the SEO works. Even though you’re a beginner you will come to know how it works.

First of all, you should know that SEO is never ending process as it goes with your work. The perfect SEO strategy puts you in a good position and the bad practice may drag you down. So why late let’s check out the post

SEO Tips for Beginners 

Here we have provided the practical SEO tips that work better and perfect.

1. Title and Description

Title and description are the major things that show what the page is about. You should follow certain rules to gain more exposure. check the following

  • Include Keyword in your post title
  • Title should not be lengthy and confused

The description tells more about the post in short format and it is necessary to include what the post is about in the description section. check the following

  • Include Keyword in description
  • Write short note on the post on what it deals with

2. Keyword density

The word on which you are writing is said to be Keyword and the post should turn around the keyword. In simple form, the search words are said to be keywords. And the keyword density refers to the keyword that we are using in the particular post. If you are writing about SEO, then the word SEO is said to be keyword

  • Maintain the keyword density of at least 1% and should not exceed much

3. Internal links and Outbound links

Provide links in the post to your other pages as the additional information. Internal links in the post say google that the post has more details and information. Provide relevant links in the post and it will be much beneficial.

While coming to outbound links, the links which point out to other website is said to be the outbound links. You can add outbound links in your post as the source or as the referral. Care should be taken while making outbound links. Allow only the websites you trust and provide them with the outbound link

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4. Page speed

Page speed is only the main part of  SEO. If your SEO is good but your page loads slowly, then the pages with faster loading speed will rank high then you. You can try W3 total cache to speed up your website speed. Decrease the loading time to make your page rank higher.

5. Build Authority

Your site authority plays a major role in deciding where to rank your blog. If you have less authority then you will rank down. If your blog has good authority then you will surely rank higher in the rankings. And remember that site authority cannot be built in a day and it takes months together of time. Connect with other blog owners and audience to build strong authority check your authority now

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Tip of the Topic

SEO results cannot be achieved in a single day and it takes months of time to get into reality. You should remember to put continuous effort into SEO to get best results. write the content with the keywords you can rank for and increase your authority. Build links with the similar sites on your niche

We hope the post on SEO Tips for Beginners has helped you in better rankings. If you have still more factors to be considered in the post, you can write to us through the comments section and we are happy to assist you.

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