How To Save Instagram Photos and Videos Within A Click

This is the most asked question from the Instagram users ‘how to save Instagram photos and videos’ and today you would be happy to know the solution for it. In this post, we will let you know how to save or download Instagram posts easily within a click.

After seeing many questions as mentioned below, we came to answer you with a simple solution. In this trick, you don’t need to have any additional skills or purchases it all goes for free. Here are some most asked questions.

  • How to save other people’s Instagram photos?
  • How to download Instagram posts easily?

Save Instagram photos and videos:

Firstly, download an app called InstaSave from the play store. And now you have completed about 90% of your work on saving Instagram photos and videos.

Now open the app and start working of InstaSave by enabling it. when you enable this app a notification will arrive at the top as ‘InstaSave is on’

To save Instagram photos and videos firstly,

  1. You need to login to your Instagram account and open it.
  2. Choose a post to save or download Instagram post
  3. Now click on the drop down menu which appears just above the post on right slide.
  4. And now select ‘copy share URL‘ as shown below
  5. save instagram photos and videos
  6. When you click on that option your download will start and completes with indicating downloads in the notification bar.
  7. Now the posts you have selected will be auto-saved to your gallery.

That’s it your choosing Instagram post will be downloaded and saved simply and easily.


Tip of the Topic:

Instagram takes more security steps to secure its users and that’s how it disabled saving of photos and videos feature on Instagram. Try not to annoy others and put safety first by respecting their privacy.

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