Report Bug On Facebook And Earn Huge Money With Facebook Bug Bounty

Making money in nowadays is really a big deal and a big challenge. But there are many people who make money with passion by working in their leisure times at home. Among those categories, in recent days many tech students and unemployed persons from different parts of the world are making huge money simply with report bug on facebook program.

In the previous post, we have discussed downloading facebook videos and customising news feed on facebook and in this post, we will let you know on submitting a bug to facebook.

To give more security and more power to users many websites had offered vulnerability reward program. And for facebook, we have facebook bug bounty rewards program in which if you report a valuable bug in return you get the monetary reward.

You are eligible to facebook bug bounty program only when you report a bug on facebook security vulnerability. You should also remember that not every bug was rewarded. but, only the bug which leaks or destroys privacy and disturbs the security and its policies are eligible for the reward program.

How to Report bug on facebook:

Follow the below-mentioned steps to report the problem on facebook(simple guide on submitting a bug to facebook)

  1. Log in to your facebook account
  2. On right side of the page below advertisements click on more and select help
  3. Now, select question mark(?) symbol which appears on the top navigation bar
  4. Then select report a problem
  5. Click on something isn’t working option
  6. Choose the problem type
  7. Briefly, explain about the bug
  8. For more chances for successful reporting include a screenshot with the report
  9. Click on send

Now you have successfully reported a bug to facebook and finally, notice it may take a long time to respond to your report as they receive thousands of reports daily(they only respond to your report if they find it useful for their network).

If they find your reported bug a severe threat to their network they respond to your report and contact you for the more detailed report and rewards the money through bug bounty program on facebook. Remember the minimum amount of rewards was $500 and the maximum amount depends on the severity of the bug.

To find and report bug on facebook you need to think in technical side and most of the bugs were discovered by program code makers and the people who spend most of their time on facebook.

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Tip of the topic:

If you wish to make money within your interest in leisure time just spend 2 hours per week and make notice on how the things work. To find a bug here we suggest examining every option and feature on facebook from point to point. After finding the bug clearly, take a screenshot of the bug and describe it neatly with detailed information while reporting. Report bug on facebook with a screenshot included for more chances of clear approval.

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