PUBG tips and tricks to win chicken dinner

PUBG (players unknown battleground) is one of the best-rated Android game with more than 50 million installations. This game is purely different from the other games that you find on the store. At first, it seems like un-understanding but once to start your survival you get to know the thrill in the game. Here in this post, we will let you know on the PUBG tips and tricks to win chicken dinner. Let’s get started on the latest PUBG tips and tricks

1. Protect from attacks

how to play and win PUBG

The approach of enemies is very quick and very fast and we can’t predict them at any moment but you can protect yourself from those with a small trick. The attacks happen during the restriction mode, so try to hide in the buildings and stay focussed with ready weapons. Attacks happen lesser when hiding inside the building when compared to the open area.

2. Collection of weapons

Weapons are found inside the buildings and you will find a lot of weapons inside the large buildings. In the large buildings, you can find the powerful guns and the bandages. Well, you will find small weapons in the small buildings. To collect more weapons get into large buildings.

3. Use of weapons

PUBG tips and tricks advanced

In PUBG, every single weapon does its best to make you win and all you need to do is to use them at the right time. No doubt guns are one of the most powerful weapons to kill the enemy but there are still more weapons which have the power to kill your enemies easily. Grenades are one of the power sources to kill your enemies. Use the weapons accordingly by knowing its range and its content (storage).

4. Teamwork

top PUBG tips and tricks

It’s known that teamwork does the better tasks and actions when compared to that of alone fighter. Communicate with your team members and jump along with your teammates to land in the same place. Follow your squad positions and talk to them when you under attack (through mic). Form at least a team of two and move around the game.

5. Hide from enemies

You can hide from your enemies and protect yourself in different ways. One of the best ways is to hide under or aside the body matching things like grass or rocks. Mix the things and confuse your enemies with unexpected shots.

6. Tips to survive

Even though there are many ways to survive in the PUBG the following two are the best to follow. Firstly, chase the game by using the vehicle. Use the vehicle to protect from attacks and to gain more survival time, with this trick you can easily move away from your enemy and protect yourself. And the second trick is to hide in the buildings and kill your enemies.

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7. How to win PUBG?

The winning of the PUBG and its rankings are calculated based on several metrics. And it’s not about how much you kill and it’s all about how long you survive. Concentrate on surviving more in the game than killing your enemies.

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PUBG tips and tricks

  • Shot your enemy in the head for a quick dismissal
  • Use smoke and grenades effectively
  • Pick weapons accordingly
  • Use the vehicle for safe gameplay
  • carry an armour to take extra weapons on the back
  • Apply bandage when attacked and use energy drinks to gain power

We hope that the post on best and the top PUBG tips and tricks has helped you a lot in winning the game. If you have still more tips to say you can write to us through the comments section

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If you find the post to be useful and informative share it with your friends and help them gain the best. Hope you get the chicken dinner in PUBG.

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