Proven Ways To Drive Massive Traffic Using Targeted Social Sharing Sites

When I started writing my blog, I found it very difficult to drive the traffic from search engines. In fact, it takes much time to get indexed and popularised with a new blog. I have tried making good SEO for my blog, but it is known fact that it takes a lot of time to turn into results. To stand out of the crowd I have tried many successful social sharing sites that drive back traffic to your blog and here I will share the best and most possible ways to drive traffic to your blog through the biggest social sharing sites. As we mentioned in title ‘proven ways to drive massive traffic’ these tips would really turn your low traffic blog to high traffic blog.

Below you will find the most successful and most popularly used social sharing sites along with the tricks on getting huge traffic by using them perfectly.

1. StumbleUpon:

drive massive traffic

Firstly, I have heard about StumbleUpon from my friends later I just made a try on using StumbleUpon and received bigger benefits for my blog. By sharing my posts on StumbleUpon I have received much better traffic and the traffic was increased by 38% and it was increased from day to day. From then, I have continued to share my posts on StumbleUpon and received good audience in the StumbleUpon community.

Most shared content on StumbleUpon:

Every site has its unique services and abilities on the internet to fulfil its users. While coming to StumbleUpon it has some categories that are shared by many and loved by many below shown are few of them

  • Entertainment
  • How-to tips and videos
  • Tech updated posts
  • Gadgets details and tips

Steps to get traffic from StumbleUpon:

To drive massive traffic from StumbleUpon, firstly create an account with valid credentials. After creating the account starting making friends on StumbleUpon and gain more followers and showcase your blog with your followers. Share others post, so that your posts get more visibility and in return, you can expect a share on your post. Stumble other pages and arrange your interests accordingly with your blog’s topic and get shared by many. And also don’t forget to add StumbleUpon’s badge on your blog to get more stumbles on your post.

Try advertising:

If natural sharing does not perform well try using StumbleUpon’s advertising program. Your content will be explored to many people by using advertising program and don’t hesitate to spend few bucks on advertising.

2. Reddit:

drive massive traffic

Well, Reddit is my secondary option to drive massive traffic to my blog. Reddit is the place where you can find all the interesting topics and tips from time to time. By using Reddit you can increase you traffic by 2X times in quick time without going severe efforts like maintaining a blog SEO. Reddit has more to say than the other sites because it is categorised based on the topic and its category suited posts. Here you will find many communities that are ready to share your posts.

Highlights of Reddit:

  • It is easy to use
  • You will find matched audience by categorising your post
  • You will gain more exposure if your posts are upvoted by Redditors

Tips to generate traffic from Reddit:

Firstly, take an account on Reddit and fill up your valid credentials. After verifying your account maintain a healthy relationship with the Reddit community by interacting with other Redditors by upvoting and commenting on other posts. Now, share your posts in the Reddit community with the attractive title by selecting a suitable category. That’s it now your post is showcased to a huge audience and in return, you will receive traffic on your blog. You will be exposed to many audiences if your posts were upvoted by the other Redditors and will receive many hits if your posts achieved the front page position. You can also try the process of promoting your posts on Reddit by promoting your posts on the Reddit.

3. Flipboard:

drive massive traffic

Flipboard is the new way to drive massive traffic to your blog if used perfectly. It is the collection of famous and interesting stories that are happening in the world. It is designed and used in the format of the magazine model, which turns your post stories into cover stories on your magazine.

Tips to generate traffic from Flipboard:

Take an account in the Flipboard and then fill up your profile details and also attach a link to your blog. Now create a magazine by giving Attractive title along with a detailed description and add a suitable cover picture for your magazine. Share your posts to the Flipboard audience by adding them to your magazines and it will be exposed to other Flipboard users. You can generate massive traffic to your blog by flipping other posts in the Flipboard community.

Share others posts to your magazine so that your posts will by flipped by other users to their magazines. By sharing your posts to other magazines you will receive new audience and new followers to your Flipboard magazine.


Tip of the Topic:

Personally, i have tried all these tips to increase my blog traffic through the largest social sharing sites. Finally, I would recommend maintaining an active role in getting referral traffic to your blog is to share others posts to claim new shares on your posts. Before posting your posts use attractive titles with an informative description so that you can drive massive traffic to your blog.

Sandeep Kumar

Hello reader! I am sandeepkumar, founder of this blog All Tips Media. I started this blog to let everyone know all the tips and tricks easily. Apart from blogging, i love to enjoy writing and listening to music.

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