Now You Can Express Your Feelings On Facebook Messages

Facebook is known to have frequent updates with massive changes in its every update. Facebook is the connective chain of the world with billions of happy and active users. It had recently added a new feature that express your feelings on the messages with one tap on your messages.

We have seen the most popular symbols with like, comment and share and its time to express your symbols on the chat messages within a click.

Previously facebook was used as the instant messenger with limited features but on utilising the tech power now it has grown with bigger with the best ever updated features.Now you can easily express your feeling on the messages you received from your friend within a click as follows below.

Follow the steps as follows:

  1.  Log in to your facebook account
  2. open your message box and open any of your chats
  3. Now hover the mouse on the message then you will find an emoji
  4. click on that emoji
  5. select your expression by choosing the emoji as your ex[ressed feeling on the message

express your feelings

That’s it now you have successfully expressed your feeling on the messages without typing the text. This feature brings you the power to express your expressions on the messages and it lets know you how much you have satisfied with that message.

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Tip of the Topic:

Express your feelings on facebook is a great feature that makes you understand how the receiver is interested in your messages. It helps you out without typing the text by allowing you to express through funny emojis.

With this feature, you can show the love by sending those stickers to your friends.

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