How To Move WordPress Site To New Host With Zero Downtime

Do you know that about 25% of the world website’s are powered by WordPress? this shows that how popular and how much fame WordPress has in the world of internet. Whenever a newbie asks about the best blogging platform without any further thinking I could say WordPress is the best blogging platform. Today in this post you will come to know on How to move WordPress site to new host with zero downtime.

If you are on a way to move WordPress site to new host without losing your visitors, this post will help you migrate your WordPress blog easily, safely and fastly. But before you go for changing your host you should follow certain things that keep your blog safe from losing the data.

The very first thing you should consider is to backup your entire WordPress site to keep a copy of your blog. Backups help your blog never lose your data that took years of hard work to visible on the internet. Recently I had moved from GoDaddy to Bluehost hosting and thought to share the best way to move WordPress site with zero technical knowledge. Here I have provided the complete tutorial on moving WordPress site to new host.

There are many ways to transfer your WordPress site from one host to another like FTP process. To do the FTP process you need to have the minimum technical knowledge to place the codes correctly. If you are interested in move your site through FTP you can have a complete guide here. If you are like me with zero technical knowledge and want to perform the transfer successfully then follow the below mentioned steps

In this post, your task will be most simpler than you have ever thought about moving your site. I have used the same process to migrate my WordPress site with zero downtime. This process involves in moving your WordPress site with the help of a plugin.

Steps to Move WordPress site to new host

First of all, as we mentioned above take a backup of your entire WordPress blog and store it on your PC for safety purpose. Now install a plugin called All-in-One WP Migration and activate the plugin on your WordPress blog.

Now click on the all in one wp migration plugin and select Export option then choose the option called file as shown in the image.

Move WordPress Site To New Host

After you choose the file option, the plugin starts creating an entire backup of your entire WordPress blog along with the databases. After the completion of the backup, a dialogue box appears as shown in the below image.

Move WordPress Site To New Host

Now click on the download box to begin the process of downloading the backup of your entire WordPress blog. Note that the backup will be downloaded with .wpress extension and don’t to rename the file and keep it as it is.

After the download is completed the file will be stored on your PC with .wpress extension. To upload or to transfer your site to another host Firstly, log into your WordPress which you have created from the new host and download All-in-One WP migration plugin and activate it.

Now click on the Import option and upload the file that you have downloaded. After the completion of the Importing process, it shows a dialogue box showing it will overwrite all the files, data and databases click ‘Continue’

After your successful completion of importing the site don’t forget to save the permalinks settings. To save these settings go to your settings choose permalinks and click save option twice. That’s it now you have successfully moved your WordPress site.

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Tip of the Topic:

This plugin supports 512 MB of data in its free version and if you are running a big site you can try the premium support. But this plugin is enough for moving the small sized sites. Additionally, we want to offer a tip on this topic is to deactivate unnecessary themes and plugins to reduce the size of the file and you can reinstall the themes and plugins after successful migration.

Hope this post, How to move WordPress site to new host with zero downtime worked fine from your side. If you have any problems on following this process you can ask us from the comments section.

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