Most Popular Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps

No doubt at all, nearly 8 out of every 10 active social audiences use WhatsApp messenger to communicate with their friends, family, co-workers and more. WhatsApp Messenger has grown more rapid than any messenger in the world within a short time with millions of users on their count. As the WhatsApp is owned by Facebook now WhatsApp shares the user’s data with the facebook. Keeping this in mind many active people shifted to the best and most popular WhatsApp alternative apps to secure their privacy and to start a new way of texting to their friends with some cool features. In this post, we will let you know the most popular best WhatsApp alternative apps.

1. Google Allo

Google always comes with the fair projects and ideas and from that list, Google Allo has arrived. The main reason why WhatsApp is much popular than Allo is its late arrival into the market. After WhatsApp, I have selected Google Allo as the best alternative to WhatsApp for its brilliant features that can’t be seen in the WhatsApp. The best feature is the Google Assistant, Allo was integrated with the Google Assistant which works as the real time assistant for your smartphone. With Allo, you can order assistant to make the tasks completed on your smartphone like booking the flights, keeping reminders, getting answers to your questions, playing games, alarms and more.

Allo brings some the best features like Incognito chats, group chats, group Incognito chats and the Google Assistant. All these features made the Allo stand as the best competitor and best alternative for WhatsApp and for other messengers. You can also access the Google Allo web version which was released recently to access on the desktop/PC. It supports video calls and audio calls through the Google duo app. And finally, Google Allo is the best and top alternative for WhatsApp. It available for (free) on Android and iOS

2. Hike

Hike messenger is very well known for trying out new features all the time. Previously it was just a messenger for chats but now it has changed a lot. With Hike, you can do many things that other messengers failed to offer and even imagined. Hike messenger is the fully customizable messenger lots of loaded features with unique and attractive themes for your chats. With hike messenger, you can play games, chat with friends, put stories, timeline and put likes on your friend’s photo.

It offers a wide range of offers like app themes, timeline, stories, auto night mode, unlimited text sticker packs, 128-bit SSL for secure, safe and private chats. And it has the amazing features of hidden mode which hide the chats protected by the security PIN. With hidden mode feature your chats are fully protected and can only be opened after entering the secure PIN correctly. Hike offers some of the big features to make you stay updates such as Hike daily, Hike run, Just for laughs, cricket, News, hike direct, Hike daily and much more importantly it has an assistant that works for you as that of the Google assistant. It is available for (free)

3. Telegram Messenger

The telegram messenger has been competing with the WhatsApp from time to time with the best-updated features. It has the similar features of WhatsApp but has had more to say with some cool features that won’t be seen WhatsApp messenger. You can have the best privacy and security options like hiding your last seen, two-step verification, active sessions and passcode lock. The telegram messenger can also be used on the desktop that perfectly synced with your mobile number.

The cool features you can enjoy using telegram messenger are as follows remote locations, groups of up to 10000 members, send documents of any type, synchronize your chats, encrypt, self-destructive messages with a timer, store your media on the cloud, build own tools with API. And finally, your chats are fully secured and delivered with super speed and it only lacks the feature of voice and video calls feature. All these features made Telegram the best WhatsApp alternative apps.

It is available on all platforms for (free)

4. Viber Messenger

Viver messenger, it is totally similar to WhatsApp messenger with all the packed features. But there are some cool features offered in Viber and that is lacked in the WhatsApp messenger. You can share your chat with the public and also you can follow chats. Viber allows you to make international calls throughout the world for free with an active internet connection and this feature made Viber, join the list of best WhatsApp alternative apps. You should opt for the credit plan to enjoy calls internationally for non-Viber without any interruption at lower call rates.

You can enjoy group chats, files sharing, backup, sticker store and Viber games to play in the Viber messenger. Viber secures your chats with a secured chat feature called Hidden chats. This feature lets you hide the specific chat from the messaging screen and can be accessed later. It also lets you delete the sent text messages and voice messages even it was sent.

It is available for (free) to make calls for non-Viber you should opt for credit plan.


It is another best WhatsApp alternative app with loads of rich features. Like any other messenger, you can enjoy encrypts, group chats, stickers, and emoticons. As that of Viber Messenger LINE also offers LINE OUT feature that lets you make free calls to Non-LINE users by watching the ads. LINE is the combination of multiple messengers with different features offered in different types.

It lets you connected with the entertainment and lifestyle apps, updates from the LINE official celebrity accounts.LINE offers timeline feature to get updated from your friends by seeing all the photos, text, video and stickers that are shared on their timeline. It is much popular messenger app in the world with millions of active users using it regularly. If you looking for the best WhatsApp alternative apps, then you should definitely try LINE messenger

It is available for (free)

6. Facebook Messenger

This messenger doesn’t need any specific introduction at all. Yes, this messenger has received millions of users within a short time by trying most successive features all the time. Facebook developed facebook messenger to access the chats quickly and adds many features like stories, secret chats, emojis and chat colors.

This messenger lets you make free high-quality voice calls and video calls. It also offers the unique feature of setting the nick name’s for friends chat and it can only be seen by you and your friend on your conversation. With Messenger, you can send any thing like post, scores, and GIFs from the list of extensions. You can play games with your friends and challenge them with the Messenger app.

It is available for (free)


Most popular Best WhatsApp alternative apps

There are many popular messenger apps in the market with plenty of features. But we have listed here few apps that are capable of replacing your WhatsApp messenger and are strong enough to take a stand as the best WhatsApp alternative apps. To enjoy the fun, invite your friends to a selected messenger and prolong your chats by enjoying the best features. If we have missed any of the WhatsApp alternative apps let us know from the comments section and help your friends find the right messenger.

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