Top Most Addictive Games For Android Mobiles 2018

There is no one on the planet to hate games as this adds a fun to your time. From the past few years, there was a massive advancement in mobile gaming with the most advanced games. Previously there was a small Android game with low graphics, but at present things had changed rapidly with most attractive graphics games and made most addictive games for Android.

You may addict to best android games like temple runner, candy crush and subway surf. But there were many good addictive games to play. Here in this article, we included the most addictive android games.

These include best addictive games in android, that boosts up and challenges your brain. In his games, you may find very difficult to score high scores as it requires much brain power and concentration.

Here, We have listed some of the top most addictive games for Android.

Top Most Addictive Games For Android:

1. Color Switch:

Addictive Games for Android

It is one of the most addictive game in android with colourful graphics.As a player in this game, you need to pass a same coloured ball through the same ring by crossing the obstacles. In one word to say you must follow the colour pattern on each obstacle to cross it.

It has different games modes with hard, medium and tricky levels. The better you move the much you score you get, if you stocked with obstacle again you should start from the first position.

It needs too much concentration and brain power, as it consumes much time. If you score 30 points comment on this post and show you brain power.

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2. Piano Tiles 2:

Addictive Games for Android

It is the most addictive and challenging game with beautiful background music. It is one among addictive killing games in android store. As a player, you need to tap the black tiles which pass down your screen and should not tap on white tiles. If you tap white tile then the game ends, to end by winning you need to play till the music ends. It has more than 200+ levels to play.

3. QuizUp:

Addictive Games for Android

It is a free challenging Quiz game, where you meet your opponent from different countries. Here you will have tonnes of categories to play. Based on your right answer and responding time your score will be calculated.

You can add or invite your opponent for challenging the quiz. However, this great addictive game makes you addicted to android games.

4. Smash Hit:

Smash Hit, the name itself indicates the hitting, in this, you need to throw the balls against obstacles before they destroy you. Every obstacle you hit gain extra balls and the game ends when obstacle hits you or when you ran out of balls.

It has a free version and upgraded version, in free version when you lost you need to start from the beginning and an upgrade version you can start from where you ended.

This game could be an addiction for you as it is the best android game available in play store.

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5. Tunnel Trouble 3D:

Addictive Games for Android

Tunnel trouble 3D is the runway game where you drive a jet in the tunnel. you need to control and pass over all the obstacles with speed moments. It has two modes i.e., survival mode and mine mode. Mine mode is little harder compared to survival mode.

With this game, you will experience a best 3D gaming than the other games. This could be your most addictive game on your mobile to score high.

6. Word Search:

Addictive Games for Android

It could be the most addictive puzzle game for you. It challenges your mind to find the correct word from distributed words. A timer tells you that how fast you complete the search. With this, you can gain the challenging and concentration levels.

Moreover, it could be your most addictive game in arranging words.

7. Skillz:

Addictive games for android

It is the best logical brain game among android games. It improves your memory and adds extra accuracy levels in finding colours and a funny android game which gives a good exercise to your brain to sharpen your mind.

In Android, it is the best multiplayer game with minimum 2 players and maximum 4 players. Your score will be calculated on your winning levels.

8. Brain it on:

It could be your most addictive games for Android as it challenges your brain with physics puzzles. It will make you to addict to puzzles by training your brain. The game works by drawing the objects to clear the puzzle by moving the task of the drawn objects.

With this game you will gain more thinking capacity and also you learn the basic and logical physics in this puzzles. As the game levels move on the game gets tougher and tougher with most logical puzzles. In this game, your time of responding to puzzle will rate your logical thinking by giving ratings to your performance.

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Tip of the Topic:

Above recommended addictive android games challenges and boosts up your brain power. But sure, you will be addicted to these free android games. With above-mentioned android games, you will gain

  • Responding levels.
  • Increases spontaneousness.
  • Improves thinking levels.

If we missed out any great, addictive games for Android, tell us about them in the comments!

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