How To Make Your Mobile Secured Safely

Now a days security and privacy are the most common things that we should consider on our mobiles. In this post you learn how to safe guard and make mobile secured from others.

Well getting started, in this post you will come to know the ways to secure your mobile with quick and easy tips.

1. Set Pattern or PIN:

Always set a pattern to your smart phone as it helps you to hide your data from others. Make sure you don’t set your date of birth or mobile number as a PIN, by doing yourself you are giving a hint to them.

Set a pattern/pin that won’t be predicted by others. And moreover don’t share it with any one by doing so your personal data will be snooped.

2. Make Folders:

Select the files that you need privacy from others and export them to new file locations by placing different file name with a number of sub folders.

3. Enable Guest Mode:

When you are about to hand over your mobile to others enable guest mode it hide the following

  • It hides your photos and files.
  • Hides your contact list.
  • Makes your phone fully privacy mode.

4. Hide/Lock:

HIde/Lock your personal and confidential data by opting to hide the app or lock the app settings on your home screen.

5. Use Different PIN:

Make different PIN for different apps. Avoid using of same PIN for other locked or hidden apps. But do remember to put the PIN that can be easy to remember for you.

6. Enable KIDS Mode:

When kids takes your phone, it could be anxiety for them to open every file. It never possible to monitor them time to time and we can make it possible by switching to KIDS mode.

  • It hides all the data.
  • You can manage to show only allowed apps on screen.
  • To exit this mode, you need to enter your PIN.

Tip of the Topic:

Your privacy is almost important in any aspect, here we suggest you to enable a mobile pattern or lock to make your mobile secured.

  • Change your passwords frequently.
  • Limit the control of others on your phone.
  • Lock the apps which you feel confidential.

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