How To Make Your Gmail Safe From Hackers

Now sharing an information from one person to other person became very easy with social sharing networks. But when you want to send an official information and connect your other accounts with one account definitely you could prefer an Gmail account. But real question is that is your Gmail in safe hands and free from hackers? So why not make your information and data strictly secured with some extra security features and make everything fine in your hands with this simple tips.

How To Secure Your Gmail Account :

securing your Gmail account is a bit very simple step with adding some extra security to your sign-in stuff. Which involves in verification of your account. Though google won’t let your information to others. But it happens only when share your account details, information and saving your passwords on public utility computer centers and these reasons majorly makes others to crawl your account. Now let’s put a stop for those hackers.

Steps to follow:

1. Firstly sign-in to your Gmail account and enter into your dashboard.

2. Click on right side round icon tap on it which shows my account and click on it.

3. Select sign-in and security.

4. Click signing in to google.

Gmail security

5. Click on 2-step verification and get started.

6. Verify your account by typing your password again.

7. Enter the mobile number to which google sends unique verification code.

Gmail security

8.Enter verification code and click Next.

9. Then click Turn on.

That’s it now you are done! every time you sign-in to your Gmail account google sends you a unique verification code for the mobile number you have registered and once you enter your code you will be signed-in.

Selection of passwords:

This is the most common thing that every person adopted is that placing their names, phone number, id numbers, birthdate etc.., as their passwords. by choosing that type of passwords yourself you are giving a hint for hacker. It’s always better idea to have a strong password which not represents your phone number and names.

Choose a password that contains 8-12 characters with special signs irrespective of your known taste to others and always change your password periodically for better security over your account.

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Accessing Gmail:

Most of the Gmail accounts are managed by others without knowing themselves. This happens with your little mistakes you did on your computers.

  1. Saving a password to public sharing computer.
  2. Leaving a computer without signing it out.

So, don’t save your passwords to any public utility computer and never forget to sign out from your account.

Tip of the Topic:

Always put an eye on your account to secure it more perfectly and accurately and do follow the below tips for better safety

  • Always have a look at your recent activity.
  • Don’t share your account details with anyone.
  • Put recovery email address and phone number.
  • Don’t save passwords on public computers.
  • Choose a strong password.
  • Change your password periodically.
  • Do not put one password for all accounts.

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