How to link Aadhaar number with Mobile in online mode

The aadhaar linking with mobile number is still going on and there are a lot of people who have not linked their aadhaar with their mobile number. Here in this post, we will guide you on how to link aadhaar number with mobile in online mode. 

The main reason why many people have not linked their aadhaar is due to the reason of reaching the store to verify their aadhaar.  As the last date for linking aadhaar number with mobile number is coming soon the government has come up with the easy process that links your aadhaar by receiving OTP

You can also reach to the service store and link your aadhaar with mobile number by giving a biometric thumb impression but it is a big process for the people who runs with buy lifestyle. By keeping  in mind the government has provided an opportunity to link your aadhaar card number to mobile number in the online itself without visiting the store

If you want to link aadhaar number with mobile number in online mode without visiting the store follow the below mentioned steps

  • Dial 14546 from your mobile number which you want to link with aadhaar number
  • Select the language as per the directions
  • Enter your Aadhaar number which consists of 12 numbers
  • The company will send the OTP to the number you have provided in the aadhaar
  • Enter the OTP you have received
  • After the successful reverification process you will receive SMS on success of linking your aadhaar number to mobile number

When we have tried this process we have found that it is very easy process with simple steps. We also observed that during the process of aadhaar linking on online mode their is no call cost charged and is absolutely free.

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If you have faced any problem in linking aadhaar number to mobile number, you can write to us through the comments section and we will reach you out with the best answers.

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