Learn To Create Google Doodles With Google Quick Draw [Machine Learning Game]

Hello guys, today I’m back with another topic that will be more interesting and funnier to use. In this post, we will let you know on ‘How to create google doodles with google quick draw’ [machine learning]. In fact, it is the machine learning research to develop and use their talents via machine learning program.

This game is designed with the help of the machine learning that tries to correct the things that you draw on the screen. It was made under the A.I. Experiments with the google.

Actually, it is a very funny game created with most intelligence by the machine learning techniques. It was developed to add all your creative drawings to the world’s largest doodle data set by sharing them with the millions of people.

How does it work?

To play this machine learning game you should do the following

  1. Open the page Quick, Draw! from here.
  2. Now click on let’s draw.
  3. Then, you will be directed to the game where it shows you 6 challenges.
  4. It asks you to draw something and when you tries to draw the things the machine tries to spell the things you draw on the screen.
  5. Your drawing will be correct if it spell the word that has given to draw on the screen
  6. Even though you answer wrong or right you will be directed to next question after the time runs off.
  7. Finally, it displays you the things you have drawn with the right and wrong symbols

With this site, you can easily make doodles and can expose to the world easily. You can also share those drawings to your social media sites from the direct options on the screen.

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The main aim of this experiment is to learn on how to create google doodles by practising them in the easiest way through this website. You can also watch the 50 million drawings which were made by others.

It was developed to improve the neutral networks and researchers to let them know how the people draw the things and how to improve the drawing through machine learning.

If you are looking to improve your drawing skills, this experiment will be more useful and if you are a researcher in machine learning you can find out how the people react with the machine and how the machine respond to humans.

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