Latest On Page SEO Techniques To Rank High In Google

Hello friends, today I’m ready to share some of the tips on improving your blog SEO score. Whatever the field may be, you need to have good SEO for your blog to promote your business online on the first page of google. We all know that the posts on the first page are considered to get higher leads and traffic to your blog or business online. SEO is the only technique to rank high in search engines as it comprises of SEO optimisation techniques. Now in this post, you will get to know the ‘latest on page SEO techniques to rank high in google’

How much good your content may be? it won’t generate traffic to your blog if you are using poor SEO techniques as google rolled out old SEO techniques and updated latest on page SEO techniques to rank high in google. Here you will find the most helpful techniques to improve your blog posts SEO.

1. Provide Sufficient title length:

Your title plays a major role in driving massive traffic to your blog and a case study by Neil Patel provided step by step guide on writing powerful headlines this guide will teach you the most practical ways of writing post headlines that get more clicks and more audience on your post. Provide a title length ranging from 50-60 characters and also use only 6-7 words in your title as per good SEO title. Also, use the attractive title in short form by adding numerical characters to your title. It drags more reader attention and makes to read the post in the first impression itself.

2. Use of Headlines:

Headlines are very important in the blog posts as they indicate the user about the content section and its importance of separating the paragraphs. Use attractive headings that speak the content present in the paragraph short, sweet and informative headlines survives well in the post. Consider using the focused keyword in your subheadings this could be beneficial for your post in the aspect of SEO.

3. Maintain paragraphs:

Content with large paragraphs may stick your SEO score. Longer content survives well in the first page of the search engines but it only happens when the content is planned accordingly with the paragraphs without lengthy paragraphs. Maintain none of your paragraph stands too longer.

4. Post length and description:

Minimum post length should be maintained to Survive well in the search engines and the length should not be less than 300 words. (according to search engines a post with 300 words can give detailed information) The much you write, the higher you will rank in the google page rankings. Try to write a post with more than 2000 words and include all the required information in the content. Google considers the page with more words are the posts with complete information. If your competitor post has 1800 and your post has 2000 words than you are most likely to rank better than your competitor.

Your meta description plays a very important role in placing your post in google. Google bots crawl the web and find the optimised page by using its meta description. If your page is well optimised and given good description then your posts will rank high in the google.

5. Internal linking:

Internal linking is the main thing that keeps Wikipedia on the first page of the google. When you provide internal links on your post google thinks that you have much more information to say and ranks you better. Internal linking should not be mismanaged and provide only the posts which are similar and helpful for in-depth information.

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6. Choose the keyword in right positions:

Focussing your keyword is very important to out rank in the google. Try to maintain a minimum of 0.5% keyword density and don’t over do the placing of keywords. In this post, I have used latest on page SEO techniques to rank high in google as a keyword but I never used it excessively as I maintained the keyword density. Place your keywords in the first paragraph, in the middle of the content and in the last paragraph of the post. These keyword positioning will boost your SEO.


Tip of the topic:

I hope these latest on page SEO techniques to rank high in google will surely boost your SEO performance in the google. And lastly, I would recommend providing alt tags to your images to get indexed in google and also provide unique permalinks to beat your competitors in page rankings. If your website SEO is very good then you can easily achieve better results.

Sandeep Kumar

Hello reader! I am sandeepkumar, founder of this blog All Tips Media. I started this blog to let everyone know all the tips and tricks easily. Apart from blogging, i love to enjoy writing and listening to music.

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  1. Tristan Chua says:

    Sandeep, thanks for sharing such an informative tip in regards to on page SEO techniques in ranking. Keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful article in the future!

  2. Anjali Desai says:


    I think content comes on priority as we all know “Content Is King”. So it’s become very important to have a website that has unique and quality content to attract visitors.

    Also, I would like to say your website must be mobile friendly because 60% of the searches are coming from mobile devices.

    So spend some time to analyze your website and make the necessary changes so that your website rank high in search engine. Hope this makes sense and helps you: -)

    And thank you to share the valuable information with us.

    Anjali Desai

  3. On page seo says:

    I agree that the post length should be 1800 or more but without infographics and images You can’t Rank on 1st page only with content
    On page seo recently posted…How to Increase Customers Using Your Social Profiles at Their BestMy Profile

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