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Agning is must for every men and women, but it doesn’t mean to be earlier. If this is your problem about losing your young and attractive looks, you are no more alone to put a stop to it. There are plenty of practices to knock off your worries without making you pay penny.

As skin is sensitive and delicate organ it tends to much damage and repairs. To prevent all agning and damages on your skin you must follow below tips.


1. Take a beneficial food:

Showing face agning signs from your 20’s reminds you that you are taking a food which is not good and not beneficial. This decreases the natural production  of antioxidants leading to early unfair skin.

  • It is important to take hygienic and beneficial food to make yourself feel young without going for costly medicines.
  • Take good amount of food that satisfies your stomach.
  • Eat low-fat foods.
  • Take fresh vitamin C fruits.

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2. Make facials:

This is other important step to make you look young than your age, with weekly facials. Try different natural beauty face packs along with face washes. As it tightens the skin spores to keeps your skin nourished and moisturizer.

  • Use natural remedies for better results.
  • Avoid chemical contained facials and face washes.

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3. Avoid mobile:

Usage of smart phone can not only waste your time, but also can bend your beauty. Excess usage of phone makes your eyes to feel sleepy and produces dark circles around your eyes. With the up and down moments of the face, your elongated neck may get loose wrinkles soon.

  • To avoid dark circles around your eyes, decrease the brightness of your display.
  • To protect your neck from quick wrinkles, keep your neck in steady position by adjusting your display.
  • Apply moisturizer lotion to control your neck folds.
  • Avoid nodding the neck too much.

4. Avoid alcohol and smoking:

These major things starts showing your age, a bit double than your age. As the alcohol and smoking kills young active cells with impurities. This makes your skin to lose elastic nature and tends to folds and wrinkles all over the face and neck in a quick while.

  • Alcohol and smoking reduces elastic property of your skin.
  • They destroy actively growing skin cells by damaging effectively.

5. Sunscreen lotion:

Apply sunscreen lotion regularly without any excuse. when you enter 20’s your skin may become thinner due to sun exposure. In order to reduce the risk of skin irritations apply sunscreen lotion regularly and avoid direct sun exposure. It will keep your skin look young and youthful.

  • We recommend you to choose a SPF 15- 25, to avoid black spots and dull complexion.
  • Apply lotion all over the body which exposed to direct sun.

6. Decorate your face:

It is both beneficial for both the men and women within the requirements. Here are some tips to make you young than your age.

Men: Always keep your face well cleaned or trimmed perfectly, and don’t allow facial hair to grow around the mouth. Avoid  hair falling on forehead and arrange it with neat style.

Women: There are plenty things that women should take practise about beauty and perfection. Facial hair itself the big issue for woman, so avoid facial hair permanently on your entire face

Make sure to shape your eyebrows thick and well decorated with black pencil and apply little colour to your lips.

7. Dress for your age:

Your clothes can make a matter instantly to look younger and trendy. Choose the right clothes that suits for you.

  • Choose the clothes that suits to your height and skin complexion.
  • Update your dressing style by trying new looks.
  • If you are not perfect in choosing, ask a friend to select for you.
  • Make sure to dress neatly without any extra decorations.
  • Choose the dresses eventually and with new and fresh look.

 8. Make exercises:

This could be a lazy habit for some people, who are busy in their schedule. However, even a small regular exercises make you fit and energetic.

  • Spare a time of 15-25 minutes for daily exercise.
  • Make a run for 5 minutes, it makes your muscles active.
  • Stay in shape, by making your body even stronger with attractive shapes and looks. If you are fat try weight loss exercises.
  • Gain best mindset by allowing time for yoga and meditation.

Tip of the Topic:

Follow all the above mentioned tips regularly for a beautified and younger looks. Spare a time regularly for exercise as it not only strengthens your body, but also makes you looks younger than your age.


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