iPhone X is the beginning of new era in Smartphone technology

In the present generation, we care a lot and love to the addict is the latest technology. Day to day technology tends to grow rapidly with improvements in existing technologies and from the innovative technologies. Smartphones are the main revolutionary acceptance of the era to new technology. In this post, we will get to know about the topic of iPhone X is the beginning of new era in smartphone technology?

Apple released its latest smartphone model called iPhone X. And it deserves the perfection caption of the future of smartphones with an end to end display and face recognition features. There are still many features available which we have dreamed of the future of smartphones.

Every year is a big challenge for the smartphone makers to invent, introduce, and innovative better products with most trust in their features and its products. The evolution of smartphones started with an intention to make phone calls but later internet took the smartphone into a whole new era of using the technology smarter and brighter. Every year smartphone makers release a new phone with different variants to attract its customers.

From dial lock to Face ID recognition

iPhone X Face ID

At first, we have started to lock the phone with the dial pad using star symbol and later we have experienced a new way to lock the phone with privacy with the feature of pattern lock and passcode locks. These two features are considered to be the start of privacy options for smartphones. Later on catching the technology, we are experiencing fingerprint sensor technology that unlocks the phone with the sense of your fingerprint.

And for now, Apple came out with a new technology of unlocking your device by using the Face ID feature. Definitely, this feature will be a great start to providing more privacy to your data stored on your device. This feature only unlocks the phone when the right owner scans his Face ID to it.

We have seen that suddenly computers lovers changed to the experience the laptop devices. Laptops have hit the market as the change in using the technology smarter and comfortable. That means people are more interested in upgrading to new technology.

From normal camera to AR camera

The camera was the primary source of development of smartphones. In the years of technology usage of camera phone features turned out to be a great source of modification of smartphone cameras. From simple beauty modes to live filters smartphone cameras have developed a lot. Now the iPhone X comes with the feature of AR (augmented reality).

Thye iPhone X camera comes with the Portrait Lighting with the front camera. This feature to click better selfies with sufficient light and details in the images. Beautiful selfies will more beautiful with the portrait lighting mode.

The rear camera comes with the AR feature, this feature will be a great highlight of this smartphone. We have seen that many smartphones are coming up with the AR support feature but this smartphone will surely bring your AR experience to the whole new level. Get ready to experience the beauty of AR with the most amazing iPhone X.

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Still, there are many things to feature in the post but these are the revolutionary changes that happened in the history of smartphones features. Definitely, Face ID will be the beginning of new era in smartphone technology. In near future, we can expect much more features in smartphones.

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If you have any other ideas that will take practice in near future you can write to us through the comments section and also share your thoughts on iPhone X features. check iPhone 8

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