How to Withdraw Money without ATM card

Hello friends, hope you are having a great time and here in this post, we will let you know on How to withdraw money without ATM card. At present this facility is available for only the SBI banks

To use this feature you need to use the YONO app. YONO app is mostly used as the mobile banking service by SBI users.

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Steps to withdraw money without ATM card:

1. Open Yono app, on your smartphone and get registered on the app

2. Tap on YONO cash

3. Click on nearest YONO cash points

4. Go to the nearest YONO cash point on your location

5. Now, open the YONO app and click on request YONO cash option

6. Enter the Withdrawl amount and click on Next option

9. Now, create a Yono PIN to make transactions using the YONO app

10. Tick on agree terms and conditions tap on Confirm option

11. You will receive a OTP to the registered mobile

12. Go to nearest YONO cash point and tap on Cardless transaction option which appears on the ATM screen

13. Enter the OTP you have received on your registered mobile number on the ATM screen

14. Enter the same Withdrawl amount that you have provided on the YONO app

15. Enter the YONO pin to confirm the transaction

16. Collect the Withdrawl amount

Important note: The OTP lasts for 30 minutes only and if the time exceeds you need to equest another OTP

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We hope that the post on How to withdraw money without ATM card has helped you in money withdrawl without ATM card.

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