How To Prevent Viruses And Malware Entering On Your Phone

It is very easy task to identify the virus and malware entered into your phone with its performance signs. Firstly, have you ever wondered why your phone is misbehaving or running out of control? This is the sign showing you that virus had entered into your phone. And in this post we will help you on how to prevent viruses and malware entering on your phone.

These steps can help you to close the doors and prevent viruses and malware entering into your phone.


1. Allow Trusted Apps:

It is the best way to stop and prevent viruses and malware entering into your phone. Always a make search and download your apps in your google play Store(for android users and for others their own platform). Because their platform can only give certified supported versions to its users.

  • Allow installations only from play store(for android).

2. Block Third Parties:

This is the main reason to spread viruses and malware into your phone because they act smarter than the trusted apps. These third party apps are designed in such a way that it make your mobile unconditional or disturbed state. These type of apps have connections with third party ad servers and through them viruses spreads through their app to your phone.

  • Don’t allow installation of third party apps.
  • Block untrusted sources.

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3. Leave Unknown links:

Sending of links from unknown sections are termed to be unknown links which came from Non-authority platform. These type of links survives in messenger link form with fake promises and attractive promotions.

Behind those links they hide harmful viruses and malware, which can be made to injected to your phone when you opens those links and spam your phone.

  • Leave such links aside without making a click on it.
  • Delete those links in your phone permanently.

4. Have Strict Protection:

Every phone maker keeps in mind to value his/her customer with default security settings to make them in protected mode. This security feature makes your phone safe, by allowing installation of only verified apps and blocks or warns the apps that cause harm to the phone.

With this feature you are protected by play Store, as it blocks the apps that are entering from outside of the play store.

  • You can enable and disable within the tick mark.

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5. Safe Browsing:

Always, enable safe browsing mode while surfing the web in our phone and moreover most of the browsers offers this safe mode with built-in option. It warns you when you land on untrusted site and makes you go back to safe browsing mode.

  • Look for https: sign when you download apps from outside the play store.
  • Check https: sign when you need trusted protection.

6. Use Anti-Virus Protection:

This is like a first-aid treatment for the phone to make it run normally and safely. If you really want to make a protection from all the sides to your phone then you should have to opt for best Virus scanners in the store.

Virus scanners, scan every part of your phone which enters into your phone and automatically runs the test and detect the threats if found.

  • Most beneficial part from these apps is that you can wipe out your data if lost.
  • And also they protect your battery life.
  • They prevent viruses and malware entering with protective shields.
  • Scan your phone daily to assure it is safe.

7. Sharing:

Transferring of files between phone to phone through bluetooth can drive viruses to your files, if done with unknown bluetooth devices. Sharing of local Wi-Fi connections can also produce harm to your phone, as most of the open sourced Wi-Fi connections spreads virus and malware to steal your data.

  • Turn off bluetooth if not used.
  • Transfer files from only known devices.

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Tip of the Topic:

Sharing is better idea, but not the safe practise.  To prevent viruses and malware entering into your phone special care is to be taken to secure your phone. And also we suggest you that, only allow trusted applications into your phone and block unknown sources.

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