How To Post Long Video On WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp, this messenger don’t need any of the introduction as it is much popular all around the world. Even though there are many messengers are available in the market WhatsApp stands as the top and the best messenger available right now. Its simple and brilliant features made it look great and awesome. Here in this post we will help you know how to post long video on WhatsApp status

WhatsApp status feature was the most clicked feature in WhatsApp messenger it lets you post all the pictures and the limited size of videos. The status will disappear after the 24 hours of time. But there are many people who love to post long videos in WhatsApp status. Unfortunately, long length video status is not allowed in WhatsApp. Don’t worry here we have an easy way to put long WhatsApp status in WhatsApp.

Post long video on WhatsApp Status

If you want to post long videos as your post and wondering how to make them. Here is the best solution for you. Follow the below mentioned steps to enjoy putting long video status on WhatsApp.

1. Download an application WA TWEAKS

2. Now go to settings and select WhatsApp Tweaks

3. Click on Bypass 3o” video limit for status

4. Now select any video and put it as your status and it will support for more than 30 seconds

Note: This trick will work only on the rooted devices

With this application, you can unveil more WhatsApp features that we are not using at present. If you are not so aware of using this application, give it a try.

If you want to record WhatsApp video calls you can read it from here. And also you can check for tricks from the previous WhatsApp tricks.

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We hope you have enjoyed the post on How to post long video on WhatsApp and if you are facing any difficulty in using the app you can write to us through the comments section. If you found this post useful and helpful share it with your friends and spread the post.

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