How To Hack Whatsapp Without Letting them Know

Hello guys, today I am back with the most asked question that is how to hack WhatsApp without letting them know. Actually, this process of hacking others WhatsApp refers to spying of others chats secretly. Whatsapp became an important role in daily conservations for both personal and office works. Sometimes you need to spy others WhatsApp to know what the hell they are doing?

To answer your questions on hacking others Whatsapp conversations secretly I have a good answer for you. How much popular the site may be, it will surely have some vulnerabilities that permit a hacker to steal data. In recent times we have seen many computers and mobiles were infected with virus if you are not aware you can read our previous post How To Detect That Your Phone Infected With Virus and Malware

Trick to Hack Whatsapp:

Follow the below-mentioned steps to hack WhatsApp account securely.


Take your friends mobile and open his/her WhatsApp and select WhatsApp web option. By selecting WhatsApp web option you will get a QR code to scan the account. Take your mobile/PC and scan the QR code now you have successfully entered to your friends WhatsApp account. Now you will have the complete power to use your friends WhatsApp chat and you can change his/her profile and status.



If you are very curious to hack WhatsApp account of your friend without giving them any clues of being hacked then you should try this.

  • Firstly, install an app called SpyChat
  • Open WhatsApp from your friend phone and select WhatsApp web from the settings menu.
  • Now open SpyChat from your phone and select WhatsApp icon and a QR code will appear.
  • Now scan that QR code from your friend’s phone and enjoy using his/her WhatsApp account.

This WhatsApp trick will allow you to use your friend’s account on your mobile/PC


By using SpyChat app you can use your friends WhatsApp account securely without leaving any clue. When you open your friends WhatsApp from spychat you can read all the chats but the original account holder cannot identify you. It completely spy the account with no records of last seen, no double blue stick and no more last read.

We hope that how to hack WhatsApp account will help to check others chat securely. But remember to prioritise others privacy because if you spy one’s account some other person may do the same for you.

Sandeep Kumar

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  1. tarun singh says:

    Sandeep ,
    is the first method still works? as i have seen some changes in that bar code method, it will automatically logout after fews minutes .
    Spychat is better option

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