How To Get Traffic From Google News In Easy Way

Hello readers, here we have a very interesting post for you on how to get traffic from google news. Actually driving free traffic from google is a tricky one. But if you have enough luck on google you can get tons of free traffic to your website.

No doubt at all, google is the king of all search engines and it is the search engine dominator all over the world. Many of the website owners optimize their website as per the google requirements. The main reason why bloggers love google is for high traffic.

To get featured on google news your website should pass few general and technical guidelines. Once you have followed these steps then you are all set to receive traffic from google.

Steps to get traffic from google news

1. Create 100% original content

To get your website listed on the google news you should always prefer to write 100% original content. As we all believe that content is the real king, google too believes the same. Focus on creating something new and original. Even modified content may not look as great as the original content and you should remember that the content which was published earlier will rank better than the one with late publication. To get featured on google news try to be one first to post the updates on the internet.

2. Don’t make false statements

The another very important factor you should consider is to never make a false news. Most of the people release the false updates with little knowledge and confuse the users. These type of posts are not entertained at google news and if you do so then you won’t be featured on google news.

3. Be good at English

Write the content with more attention and love and never include any mistakes in it. The posts with the wrong usage of words never occupy the place at google news. Use good English and correct grammar on your posts. Readability and user experience should be very satisfactory.

4. Create unique URL

Permalinks are the very important ranking factor for google search engine. Use short and sweet permalinks with good keyword research. Use unique permalinks to stay away from the competitors. Be well creative in making permalinks and use keywords in the URL. Use related keywords to let google know the topic clearly.

5. Post writing format

Divide your content into important parts and provide helpful anchor links for more information or related information. Make your website is mobile friendly and also make sure your website loads faster. Don’t include promotional things excessively and limit the promotions. Check whether Googlebot crawls your website easily.

6. Submit your website

Most importantly add your website to the  Google News Publisher Center! and leave the required details to the webmaster. If you satisfy all the above requirements your site will be approved by the google news and you can get traffic from google news.

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By following the above tips you can drive more traffic from the google news and if your website is approved for google news then your website will get traffic from google news for free.

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