How To Get Back Your Lost Fairness Glow Quickly

After reading many requests on how to get lost fairness glow quickly, I have decided to help my readers with most simple and most easy ways to get back your lost fairness glow quickly. This post will surely bring a smile on your face because it costs you nothing as they are free to use and are easily available.

Most of the people suffer from fairness changes as they grow up due to many reasons like change in places, the effect of water, environment and work stress. Everyone wants to be fair and attractive but using of chemicals on your face will surely kill your natural glow. Below mentioned natural tips can surely help you out to get clear and fairer lost skin easily.

Tips to get back your lost fairness glow quickly:

1. Lemon:

Take a fresh lemon and cut into equal halves and apply the juice on the affected area and importantly it should be done on a freshly cleaned face. It removes all the impurities present in the skin pores with deep cleaning properties. Apply lemon at least three times in a week to get back your lost fairness glow quickly and surely you will find bigger results in short time.

2. Protect it:

The main reason for shading of your skin tone is not protecting it from time to time. As days move on your skin tends to decrease its elasticity and natural glow as you spend more time in outdoor activities. In order to regain your fairness try staying in indoor activities and move out to your works when the sunshine decreases(try moving out at evenings). And definitely, you will find the increased light and glow in your face and fact is that it takes much time to come into practice so maintain patience.

  • Try to avoid standing long periods in sun
  • Wear protective caps, long sleeves
  • Apply sunscreen regularly

3. Tomato and honey:

Among all the beauty tips on gaining fairness glow, home remedies stand at the top position for its friendly properties. In the previous post, we have discussed on Beauty secrets to whiten your skin in 7 days and in that post I have included on how to make and implement tomato and honey facial.

4. Maintain diet:

It might sound different but the truth is that your diet can impact your skin tone. Having an unhealthy food is not only dangerous to your health but also effects your skin tone greatly. Prepare a diet with all the fresh and healthy items and consume regularly by avoiding unhealthy food. Drink fresh fruit juices as the part of your diet.

5. Apply turmeric:

Turmeric is the only natural remedy to act most powerful on your skin, as it is well known that turmeric kills all the bad bacteria present on your skin. You can apply turmeric as mentioned in my previous post, Bright Glowing Skin In 15 Minutes  In this post I have listed on how to use turmeric on your face and it will help you to get back your lost fairness glow quickly.

6. Multani matti and lemon:

Take two tablespoons of Multani matti powder in a bowl and add half cut lemon juice. Mix the powder along with few drops of lemon juice and stir thoroughly to make a thick paste and also add rose water for quick benefits and strong facial. Wash with the normal water after 15 minutes of time and rub your face with a smooth towel. Continue this facial for twice in a week for best results.

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Tip of the topic:

Before trying all these beauty tips to get back your lost fairness glow quickly you should keep your skin with utmost care. Always apply facials on a cleaned face and also don’t forget to clean your face immediately after reaching the home.

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