How To Find Free WiFi Network Anywhere On Your Go

Hello readers, today I’m back with the most interesting topic on the internet. This post will be for all the technology lovers who wish to spend their time on using the internet. The title how to find free WiFi network anywhere on android sounds similar to how to get free wifi network. Because wifi networks have become the part of daily routine life to use the internet.

You may not face any problem on wifi until you are in the home, When you leave home for work definitely you will be searching for find free wifi network to browse the internet. If you are looking to fix this problem on searching for free wifi network then this post is right for you.

Best free WiFi finder apps:

1. Free WiFi connect:

Free WiFi connect is the Android app available in the play store for free of cost. This app lets you find free wifi network in your surroundings. It works more accurately and more friendly with the help of location sharing. The best part of this app was it shows the distance you’re far away for that wifi network. It lets you know all the open wifi networks with location name and its distance from the Google map.

Interestingly it offers shared wifi networks in which it shows the wifi network name with distance and location name and it shows the wifi password to access that wifi network.

 It also offers the feature to find free wifi hotspots near your place. When you open this app it automatically connects to the free open wifi hotspot network with the notification bar. You can get the nearest wifi hotspots with directions shown on the google maps.

2. WiFi map:

WiFi map, it is the biggest community with users from worldwide internet.It is designed with a user-friendly interface. As we mentioned above this app also works same as that of the Free wifi connect app.It also shows the location of the wifi along with the directions to reach the free wifi network.

It offers free wifi passwords globally for its millions of happy users. You can analyse the wifi speed and also you can use get wifi password with its offline support feature. With offline cities feature you don’t need to bother for the internet connection.

Above mentioned are very helpful for the people who search for open wifi networks or free wifi hotspots. These apps will be more beneficial for the travellers who travel to the unknown places and happily, these apps have bigger communities which share their wifi networks with their passwords. Mentioned apps are the best free wifi network analyser apps which run smoothly and accurately.

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