How To Drive Blog Traffic From Truecaller With Backlink

Hello guys, today I’m back with the most helpful and useful tips on driving traffic to your blog. All the bloggers and SEO experts know that how important role the backlinks plays in search engine rankings. To help you out today we will have the post on ‘How to drive blog traffic from truecaller with backlink’

The only source of making money from blog is to get huge traffic onto your blog. Getting the traffic to your blog involves many steps and techniques that take a lot of time to work out. But by using some tips you can boost your traffic a lot and lot. In this post, we will show you how to use truecaller effectively to drive blog traffic and make some money.

As you know well how popular TrueCaller app was and it was used by billions of people around the world on their smartphones. Amazingly now you can drive traffic to your blog through truecaller app by getting a backlink from them.

Getting backlink from truecaller:

To get a backlink from the truecaller app firstly you should download the truecaller app from the play store and register it with the current working mobile number.

  1. Open truecaller app
  2. Click on edit profile
  3. Now you will find a blank to fill website address, add your website address.

That’s it now you have successfully received a backlink from the truecaller app


Get blog traffic from truecaller:

Now, by using truecaller you can drive the traffic by adding your website address as your company title in your truecaller profile.

  1. Open truecaller app
  2. Click on edit profile and select top edit portion area indicated with a pencil mark
  3. Enter your web address in the place of company and give title for it

By this setting when someone calls you, your name and your web address will be shown on their mobiles. And amazingly 10 out of 100 will check the web address you have provided. If you provide good title you can drive more traffic to your blog through truecaller. By this process you can drive traffic from truecaller with a backlink.

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