How To Download Videos To Your Gallery

We have seen many people coming up with their passion on the internet in the right places. Social sites are the main promotions for their talents and it is the only place to gather same minded people. Today in this post, I will share a post on how to download videos to your gallery.

Most of the social sharing won’t provide an opportunity to save others photos and videos to your gallery. The reason is very simple because they value user’s privacy in every aspect. Millions of people share their videos on and exhibit their talent in their own way. app is the global video community that provides an opportunity to share the videos globally.

In this post, we have provided an easy way to download videos to your gallery. so why late let’s check the trick to save videos

Tips to Download videos:

download videos


Open app and now select the video you wish to download. Then, open sharing options and choose other sharing options and now select WhatsApp and click on copy and share with your contacts. When your friend receives the video it will be saved to their gallery and again ask him to resend the video to your chats and now the video will be saved to your gallery.

  • open app
  • select video and share it with WhatsApp with a copy option and send it to your friend
  • Ask him to resend the video to your chat and then the video will be saved to your gallery now


To download videos to your gallery follow the below-mentioned steps. In fact, this is the easiest way to save videos.

  • Open app and choose the video to download
  • Now send it to any one of your friends via WhatsApp
  • Then, open WhatsApp web in computer and open the chat you shared the video with and play the video
  • On top of the screen while playing the video you will get download symbol. select that download option then your video will be downloaded to your gallery.

That’s it now you have successfully saved the videos to your gallery.

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You can also download the vidoe by emailing process in which you should send the video by mail to your friend. After the successful mail, you will get an option to download the video from the mail. Hope you liked the trick and let your friends know this trick by sharing the post.

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  1. Janey says:

    I use Allavsoft to download from various video and music sharing websites.
    But it only has Windows and Mac version, no Android or ios version

  2. Amal says:

    You could also use MuseSave app to download. It’s very easy too. Here’s the link:

  3. puneet says:

    you can use this app on android to download videos

  4. Nice post.. Thanks for sharing..

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