How to Delete YouTube Channel (with Pictures)

Hi there, Here in this post we will guide you on How to delete YouTube Channel easily with quick process.

YouTube has given power to every user to create there own YouTube channel and publish their own talented videos. And it been a stage for many talented people who are covered by the crowd.

Below we have mentioned the steps that help you on removing youtube channel. Topic is explained with pictures for better understanding

Steps to Delete YouTube Channel

1. Open the YouTube and sign-in into the account

2. Tap on drop-down menu which is present on the left corner of the screen

3. Scroll and Tap on settings

4. Tap on Advanced settings

5. Tap on Delete Channel

6. Now enter your Gmail account password to confirm your identity

7. Tap on I want to permanently delete my content

8. Check with the Tick-mark and Click on Delete my content

9. Enter your channel name to Confirm

10. Tap Delete my Content

How to delete YouTube channel
Steps to delete YouTube channel

That’s it, now you have successfully done with deleting youtube channel. Once you delete youtube channel, the content like videos, subscribers and comments will be lost and can’t be restored.

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Delete YouTube channel using Google Account

You can do the process even without opening the youtube by just simply signing-in to your Google account

Goto Account preferences and Tap on Delete Your account or services.

Sign-in > Account preferences > Delete your account or services > YouTube > Delete my content

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We hope that the post on Delete YouTube channel has cleared your queries on how to delete youtube channel, how to delete youtube account, delete youtube videos, exit from youtube account and remove youtube channel on phone.

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If you have any queries on How to Delete YouTube channel you can write to us through the comments section and we will reach you out with the most suitable and helpful answers.

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