How to delete history in Chrome, on Android and iPhone

Chrome is one of the widely used browsers on the internet. It supports high-speed internet access and also provides high-end security. when you search for something on the internet, it is stored on that PC in the history section. And here in this post, we will let you know on How to delete history in chrome, Android and iPhone.

If you search any term on your PC on chrome, every search term and the websites you have visited will be saved in the history section. The history of your search terms can’t be removed as they need to be done manually. If you wish to delete the browsing records in chrome you can delete them with easy steps

Steps to delete history in Chrome

1. Open Chrome on your computer and click more present on right top corner

2. Select history

3. Again select history option

4. Now tick the history you wish to delete

5. After selecting the history click on Delete which is present on the right top corner

An alternative step to delete history in chrome

1. Open Chrome

2. Press Ctrl+H

3. Now tick the history or record you want to delete

4. Click on Delete option which is present on right top corner

How do you clear all google search history?

1. Open chrome and press Ctrl+H

2. Select “Clear browsing data” which is present on the left side of browsing history

How to clear chrome history on iPhone

1. Open chrome app on your iPhone

2. Tap more … > History

3. check the browsing records with a tick mark that you wish to delete

4. Click on clear browsing data

How to delete chrome browsing history in Android

1. Open the chrome app on your phone

2. Tap on more > History

3. Click ‘CLEAR BROWSING DATA’ or delete manually by crossing the records

Tips to hide chrome history

To make sure that your search terms are not recorded on the chrome, you should go for browsing the internet on the private mode (incognito mode).

Open chrome > … > New incognito tab

When you browse through the incognito mode, your browser records won’t be stored.

How to clear all google history on chrome

Open chrome > Ctrl+H > Clear browsing data

Now your browsing records on chrome are deleted

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You can delete history in chrome with easy steps as explained above. Here you can delete browsing history in android, delete browsing history in iPhone, delete browsing history in chrome PC. You can delete your entire activity on the browser by clearing the browser data. And it is advised to browse in the incognito mode to hide your browsing records

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