How to add favicon in WordPress website

Favicon is said to be the site identity on the internet that appears for your website. It helps the visitors to identify and recognise your presence on the internet. Adding the favicon to WordPress blog is one one the major advantage to get recognition. Here in this post, you will get to know on how to add FAVICON in WordPress website.

What is FAVICON?

How to add favicon in wordpress website

Favicon is said to be the site identity to recognise your presence on the internet and to add trust logo for the visitors. It appears on your web pages. The symbols which present on the top corner said to be the favicon.

How to create Favicon

The favicon for WordPress can be created both in the online and in the offline mode. In the online mode, you need to visit trusted sites and choose the best favicon for your website with suitable letters and symbols

Here I suggest you design your favicon on for online favicon creation

You can also create the favicon on the offline mode by using the Adobe Photoshop. WordPress suports the the image size of 512 pixels in width and height with square in shape.

How to add favicon in wordpress website

1. Sign into your wordpres dashboard

2. Appearance > Customize

3. Web page design > Site Identity

4. Add favicon of size 512*512 pixels

5. Save changes by clicking publish

How to add favicon in wordpress website

WordPress offers you an feature of cropping the image, it helps you build your brand with more attraction. You can change your website favicon at any time with acceptable dimensions.

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We hope the post on how to add favicon to wordpress website has helped you a lot in adding the favicon to your website. Favicon is an identity of your website that represents the reputation and trust on the internet. If you find any difficulty during the process of uploading a favicon, you can write to us through the comments section and we will help you with most suitable answers.

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