Hike Messenger launches Hike ID, It let’s you chat without sharing phone number

Hike messenger occupies the best position for its creative packed features and for its excellence now it comes with another good feature. Most recently Hike Messenger launches Hike ID, that lets you share your ID with others and chat with them without sharing the mobile number.

In the present messengers, almost all the messenger ask for the contact number information for easy identification and access. But sharing mobile number not only has pros but also has many cons like a spread of numbers to unknown persons.

Putting on the privacy first Hike messenger launches a new way that lets you chat with friends without sharing your mobile number.

Now you can easily show or share your Hike messenger ID to others without letting them know your mobile number. This feature lets many people free from the risk of privacy.

Hike ID comes up with the unique username that lets you find on hike messenger. Instead of sharing your mobile number now you can share your unique Hike ID to chat with them

This feature will surely help the people who are bothered to share their mobile number. Hike messenger is very well known for its excellent features and services and it mainly concentrates on users privacy.

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It has the hidden mode option that lets you hide your chats from the chat menu and only opens when you enter the PIN for it.

This Hike ID feature will be coming up for the android users in the coming update and for iOS users it may take some time.

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In the coming updates, we can see Hike messenger offering many in-app services

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