Hike – Best Messenger App In The World For 8 Reasons

There is a big battle heating up to take first position  on instant messaging services. In this post we will come to know the fully packed features of the hike messenger by highlighting the features that are only available in hike.  This post will be an answer for all your queries on choosing the best messenger app in android store.

In November, 2016 Hike crossed the 50 million users in android store around the globe and it is one of the top 5 messenger in android, iOS and windows store. And the recent extra added features make sure that to cross 75 million users in a short time.

Hike Best messenger for a reason:

Hike is clearly washing out and dominating global top instant messengers. In order to achieve top most position in best messengers it came with many unique features and here we have detailed features below.

1. Security:


While coming to security, hike went so seriously to look after their users with the most unique features. With the intention of providing better security hike offered 128 bit SSL for fully user confidential data.

And to protect your chats from others, hike introduced most unique feature called hidden mode. With this hidden mode you can hide your chats by your password with the quick hidden mode icon on screen. when you tap on hide icon it removes selected chat data on screen and only opens when you re-type your password to make your chat visible.

  • Hidden mode to secure your chat.
  • High security for user.

2. Send your Attachments:

You can share your files in all formats directly to your friend with a high limit of 100MB for each file. New feature that hike offered is that Hike Direct with this you can send files from one mobile to another directly within the limit of 100m distance for this you need to connect both the devices to direct mode.

3. Hike Services:


In order to impress and get more users they introduced various services as follows:

  • Hike Daily: For daily news update and cricket scores.
  • Games: Only messenger to offer high rated mobile games like connect,Word rush, Number rush and word search.
  • Coupons: It gives special discount coupons to its users from leading stores.
  • Match Up: It is the latest feature available to match up in the form of friendship, relationship and love with its users.

4. Assistant:

As iPhone has Siri as assistant, this messenger too have assistant called Natasha. Here Natasha provides you all the help you need and even it chats with you when you feel alone and bored, any help you need in messenger will be answered by your assistant Natasha.

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5. Stickers:

It offers the best stickers among all the messengers available in store. Amazingly it offers auto stickers based on your typing letters and it is the only messenger to offer local stickers based on your languageMany free sticker packages are offered for free of cost. This sticker based chats are sure to entertain you than the regular chats.

6. Rewards:

To increase the friends and regular chats hike introduced Rewards system that pays for inviting your friends to hike. They pays you according to when your friend registers through your referral link. Rewards will be given in the form of free SMS and mobile data packs for each friend joined through your link.

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7. Chat and calls:

Based on your mood you can select your chat theme for the perfect conversation. Many attractive themes are designed to impress your mood. It introduced two-way theme by which if one change the theme that reflect to other in same chat on his phone too.

To make friends more closer, they introduced  free group calls of up to 100 people with the tap of a single button.

8. SMS Service:

It provides service of free messaging to non-hike numbers too. These SMS are limited on monthly quota, the more you use this messenger the more free SMS you gain. By inviting your friends you can even extend more as it is unlimited.

Tip of the Topic:

Through there are many instant messengers available in android market, we personally suggest you to choose the best ever messenger that packs all the features with best security.

Quick features:

  • Hidden mode chat.
  • Free SMS services.
  • Rewards for inviting.
  • Assistant Natasha.
  • Hike services.
  • Blazing speed.
  • Time to time updates.

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If you are using Hike messenger share this post and spread love, happy hiking…

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