What Happens When Your Hosting Expires

Hello bloggers, here I have mentioned you as the blogger because only a blogger can search for this type of queries. An engineer may search for jobs, students search for information on studies but only a blogger can search for blogging as we mentioned above what happens when your hosting expires. As you have entered here I guess you are the blogger.

When starting a blog the main thing that comes to our mind is the best and cheap web hosting services. Even from my side, I have considered saving money rather than buying costly hosting. The main reason why the beginner bloggers focus on saving money is that to test whether the blog works or not? Every online business which started some years back or today chooses the low-cost hosting and shift to move on high hosting servers when they make money from their blogs.

While coming to the topic on what happens when your hosting expires? there is nothing to worry for a couple of days. Before the date of hosting expiration, the providers will send emails to renew the hosting to continue their services on your site. They also mention that your entire site will be lost if you won’t renew their hosting services. This type of messages starts coming to your inbox from the start of the month in which your hosting expires.

At the peak days i.e., when it is about a week to end hosting services the company will send you continuous emails and warnings about your hosting and your blog status and the representatives will call you to renew your hosting to help you from their end.

But nothing happens even if your hosting period expires, yes really your data won’t be cleared all of a sudden. They will provide a grace period of 10 days to renew it or to backup your website. If you still won’t renew the hosting services a representative will call you to inquire on your delay to renew the services. After taking a clear idea from you, they will close your hosting account.

And also don’t expect that your site will run live after the hosting period expires. Immediately they will close the servers on your website and your visitors won’t find your website live and will be enclosed with an error message. The best thing is to download the backup of your entire site to avoid any worries and loss.

I have shared all these information for my own while moving from the beginner hosting server GoDaddy to Bluehost

Quick view:

  • They will provide grace period after hosting expires
  • Your website will go down when the hosting expires
  • Your data won’t be cleared even if you are not renewed your order, you need to pay some amount to collect backup of your website after the grace period.
  • Your hosting account will be closed after it reached the time given with an email from the website hosting service providers.

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