Google Opinion Rewards Program Now Available In India, Know How To Use It

Hello readers, today I will be sharing an most interesting and most awaited program in India called Google Opinion Rewards program. This is the program which is officially maintained by the Google team and it is available in the form of the mobile app in the play store.

It is a known fact that Google makes a lot of money on the internet by launching products, Softwares, hardware and its internet services.But interestingly you can also make money from google with google opinion rewards program. Previously it is available for only limited countries but today it launched its services in India and some other countries.

May you turn your heads into down as thinking that is it really possible to make money from Google? your question may be correct because Google is very strict in its provided services and it lists out many terms and conditions to use their services. But now, you can earn with Google by sharing your opinions in the provided surveys.

What is Google opinion rewards program?

Google rewards program, is the program runs by the Google via mobile app in the play store. In this program, you can make money by answering simple questions in the surveys. These are just casual questions and not very tough to answer. It pays you the form of Google play credit, with this money you can purchase the apps in the play store.

How to use Google rewards program app:

When you first download the app from play store you will be asked to register the account. Enter your valid details and get registered in the rewards program. At first, you will be asked to answer a sample survey with 2 0r 3 questions to let you know how to answer the questions and gives you pattern on how it works. But you won’t be paid for the sample survey because it is just for letting you know the process of how it works.

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How to earn more money in Google rewards program:

When a survey is available for you, it will show you a notification bell saying that you have a survey to get paid. To earn more money with this rewards program you should turn on your local Google history. By sharing your history it will show you more survey opportunities and you can earn more with this option.

google opinion rewards program

It’s always better to put the notification sound to know the availability of the surveys. When the survey is available it notifies you in the notification bar with a sound. So that you will never miss a survey again this enables you to earn more money.

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