How To Fix Android Battery Drain Issue With Android OS

Hello guys, here we have an interesting post for you. In this post, we share you on How to fix android battery drain issue with Android OS. The battery is the only thing that can make our hone alive and bring some fun stuff for us. But there are many reasons for your phone battery draining from time to time even though you have charged the phone most recently.

Firstly head over to the phone settings and then select battery and click on battery usage. There you will be able to find the mapping of all the apps that use much power. Select the as that uses more power percentage and fix the issues as follows below.


Check which apps are consuming a lot of battery percentage on your phone. Oen the a and check out its running time, awake time, data received and data sen and computer power use. If you are not sure of battery-draining apps you can find them by installing few apps from the play store. Mostly these problems arise when you reboot your phone or upgrade your current operating system


Even though you have closed all the running as there will be few background as which are not visible but drags the battery percentage. Evaluate the apps that capturing more power and uninstall the application from your phone. In play store, some of the apps come with poor settings and consume more battery and run in the background. Email the same problem to the app developer so that he can cover the issue in the next coming update.


If you really need an app that you have uninstalled due to battery issues be patient and wait for the latest update. If the company accepts the issue and covers the problem then you can happily reinstall the application.

If you face battery drain issue from last two or days try to uninstall the apps that you have installed most recently. poorly designed apps drain more battery in the background.

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Fix Android battery drain Issue

Android operating system is designed with all the good aspects and that is capable of running your phone faster and in a safe condition. When you install the apps from unknown sources or something new software onto your phones there may be a chance of battery drain issues.

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