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facebook secret

Now a days there is no people in world to let them introduce the facebook. As facebook is known for even a little kids now a days. In this article we revealed the facebook secret strategy on how the facebook user behaves with his account while growing.

We separated those states based on the user age maps and here we reveal them out into three parts.

1. Introductory age:

This also referred as the primary age behaviour of facebook user. In this age the user meets to join the facebook at a calculated age of 13-15 years of age and searches his entire fb for finding new friends. Usually he/she spends more than 4 hours of time in the introductory age.

At this stage he/she uploads their photos and status without knowing they are good or bad. They assume fb, the separated world for them. In this age they only moves with the known friends and  avoids unknown friends. At this stage they give more priority to their privacy.

2. Intermediatory age:

At this stage he/she knows what to post? and what not to post on facebook. In this stage they tend to move to advanced practise such as searching new unknown friends, joining new groups and pages and over spending their facebook time. At this stage they try to spend a lot of time by reading facebook news feed, chatting with friends, uploading their photos and status and sharing their relationships openly.

In this age, the people love to share their every little moments and achievements and this age mostly comes over at the age of 18-23 years of age. They start sharing and liking others posts without reading the complete posts.

3. Professional age:

At this age, the users finds its bored and tend to move on other social networks. As they feel there news feed as disturbing one without their posts. Slowly they tend to decrease their usage and rarely visits their facebook account for checking their notifications.

In this age facebook users, never allows new persons into his/her profile and they make their personal data on privacy mode which cannot be seen by other audience.

Tip of the Topic:

Social networking has become daily activity session for every net users. But every thing has its limit, sharing on social networks won’t be a safe place to share personals. Maintaining Facebook secret won’t be a good sign with your friends.

If you are active facebook user, kindly let us know how you feel your facebook experience from period to period in the form of comments.

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