Facebook Preferences To Take Control And Customise Your News Feed

Facebook a big social sharing media platform had been much interested in respecting the user experience. So as to make you never miss a photo or moments your friends or relatives shared, facebook had introduced a feature called Facebook preferences to take control and customise your news feed that appears first.

Facebook preferences to take control and customise your news feed:

Here you find the step by step process of your facebook news feed preferences and more to customise in your facebook news feed.

Firstly select the drop down menu of your facebook account which appears in the last corner of the blue coloured border and then select an option called ‘News Feed preferences’ then you will be directed to a page shown below.

Facebook Preferences To Take Control And Customise Your News Feed

Prioritise who to see first:

click on ‘prioritise who to see first’ on your news feed then a list of your friends which be shown to select whom you wish to prioritise in your news feed. When you tap on one of your friends then a star will appear on them.

When your priority friend post the status their post will arrive on first of the news feed with indicated star mark (star mark shows a symbol of priority).

Unfollow people to hide their posts:

Un-necessary news feed irritates a lot when you wish to check for your friend’s posts. You can easily put a stop for those un-necessary news feed by simply unfollowing them. By making so their posts will not be shown in your news feed and are considered to be in hidden mode.

Reconnect your friends on your news feed:

Decisions won’t remain same all the time as days move on. You can again see your unfollowed friend posts by just reconnecting them by following them.

Discover pages that move with your taste:

Based on your likes and interest facebook suggest the pages which match your interest. It helps you discover more pages familiar to your taste and interests.


Tip of the Topic:

Most of us miss our best friends or important posts on news feed. To help us out Facebook Preferences to take control and customise your news feed is the only solution to stay updated with the favourite news feed.

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    Interesting writing. Even though I am using FB regularly, some of your tips are new to me like the use of Star buttons.
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