8 Do’s And Dont’s on Facebook For Better Friendship



Friends won’t have any restricted boundaries or rules. As it can be expressed in different forms and expressions. With the advanced in social media friends are even made closer with every moment they captured in their life.

But there are some guidelines when coming to facebook and other social networks friendship. You might think that is there any restrictions to be a friend on social media?. Yes, there are some limitations on facebook to be a safe and happy friend.

In order to be a good friend’s side, check this DO’s and DONT’s to be a good friend on facebook.

1. Like and Comment:

Always be a first person, to know your friend’s status and photos on timeline. Show your love on them by giving like and impressive comment on his/her timeline status and photos.

Avoid liking abusive and vulgar posts, as this shows the type of person you are. Like and Comment on post which makes feel good and impressive statement on you.

2. Messaging:

Instantly reply to messages you have in your box and show them you care them specially. Avoiding or late reply hurts them as this shows your priority on them.

Don’t use abusive and fighting text in your chat maintain a great conversion which represents your personality.

Avoid long and disturbing texts to extend your chat and never exhibit your messages to others.

3. Choosing a photo:

Before choosing a photo of your recent vacation to upload, make sure that everyone on that photo looks better and beautiful without highlighting your own perfect position.

Make a priority to everyone in that post with good caption focussing all your friends in that frame.

4. Wish them as you love:

Remember and notify your friend’s birthday wishes by posting a wish on their timeline with a pic showing your loads of love.

Attend the events as invited by your friend by surprising them on their timeline with most lovable photos and captions.

5. Friend request:

Don’t send a friend request to unknown person. confirm the person before you send a request by confirming all the details provided. Adding too many unknown friends may fill your news feed with unimportant posts by missing your friends post first on feed.

Respond to friend requests whom you know well in all aspects.

6. Tagging:

Avoid using of tags without their permission as it hurts them lot when tagged in unusual post. Ask before you make a tag to avoid breaking of your friendship.

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7. Posting:

Don’t post your status updates and photos all at a time. Do maintain a timely manner to post your update with change in time and situation.

8. Commenting on others status:

Don’t make an open comment on others post as a slapping counter. And don’t ask for details of a noisy post.

Instead ask them privately by messaging personally but don’t let the matter fired publicly. As it hurts a lot with negative impression on you.

Tip of the Topic:

Facebook has reached every netizens in the world connecting friends on every corner by means of Facebook messenger by presenting every update they post. But the things you should consider is to protect your and others privacy too.

So let’s say not to post any photos or updates of your friends or family publicly as your privacy is important as others too.

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