Facebook Fake News Will Be Disputed With Fact-Checkers

After making many analysis now facebook had stepped to additional feature to detect the facebook fake news updates. In order to give the trusted community news feed, now facebook had made other big step which ensures the positive and trusted posts on facebook.

Now detecting or Reporting a fake facebook news follows as below:

Facebook fake news Reporting:

Now it is even easier to report  the facebook fake news which you finds on facebook news feed with step by step pattern.

  • Check the post which makes you feel as fake one.
  • Click on the upper right corner of the post(drop down menu).
  • Select the issue as follows in the below picture.facebook fake news
  • Choose a reason on how likely to report the post.

Posts Disputed by Third-Party Fact Checkers:

Facebook officially stated that it will check the facebook fake news feed with the help of the third-party fact checking organizations.

How it works:

If many people reports the particular post as fake,  then it will be passed to the third-party fact checkers team. To check whether the post is real or fake and action will be taken immediately.

If the post is fake, it still appears in the facebook news feed but with the caption stating Disputed by 3rd party Fact-checkers.

facebook fake news

Whats Next:

Facebook fake news will be disputed by the fact-checkers with its mark as shown in above image. Still it survives in the feed but given less priority and still if you would like to share the post the message appears as below

facebook fake news

Here you can choose whether to cancel or to Continue to share the post before you hit the share button.

Tip of the Topic:

Facebook had introduced this new feature to let facebook posts be meaningful and informational. And here we suggest that, feel free to report facebook fake news or stories without encouraging them anymore.

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