ELAN touchpad not working on windows 10? Know how to solve this problem

Hi guys, hope you are having a great time and here in this post we will let you know on the topic of ELAN touchpad not working and how to turn on ELAN touchpad.

Most recently I have faced the same issue and thought of sharing my experience of enabling the ELAN touchpad feature on my PC. Accidentally my ELAN touchpad was disabled and my touchpad stopped working from then. When the ELAN touchpad feature is disabled you won’t be able to use the touchpad and can only be used when the function is enabled.

Here I will show you an easy way to make your touchpad work on windows 10 without involving any technical skills.

Here are the pic showing the ELAN settings

ELAN touchpad not working

If you want to enable the settings, click on enable device and apply the action and then click on OK.

To disable ELAN, click on stop device option. When the ELAN is disabled your touchpad won’t work. So you need to use the keyboard to enable this feature. Click windows+X key and go through the devices settings and mouse properties and enable the ELAN

Another easy way to enable touchpad is to connect the mouse to PC and go through the mouse properties→ ELAN→Enable→Apply→OK. Now your touchpad will start working and now you can remove the mouse pointer and use PC with the touchpad.

If you have some other ways to solve touchpad not working on windows 10 issue, you can write to us through the comments section and spread the knowledge.

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