How To Download Facebook Videos

Facebook, a social sharing network which has its users from every corner of the world. It let’s people to share their views and thoughts with the help of posts and videos. Even there was a time that many social movements and agitations were held to support the victims with the help of videos. It has interesting interface to have videos which makes you laugh, inspire and motivate. But the question is that you won’t be able to download facebook videos? don’t worry we have a solution to download facebook videos in both your computer and smart phone with these simple tips and tricks.

Download Facebook Videos to Computer:

1. Log-in in to your facebook account and enter dashboard

2. Select video you want to download

3. Play the video and right-click on playing video

4. Select Show video URL

5. Copy the link or open the link in new tab

6. Remove www in url address bar and put m on that place and press enter

download facebook videos

7. Now right-click on video and select Save video as…

8. Select designation file and click save

9. Now your video is saved to your computer and ready to play

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Download Facebook Videos to mobile:

1. Open facebook app and log-in

2. Click on video that you want to download and save it

3. Enter into your app menu and click saved option

4. Now click on menu bar opposite to your saved video

5. Select View Original Post

6. Click on drop down menu which is just above the video

7. Select Copy Link

8. Now open your mobile browser and paste the link

9. Play the video and long-press on video

10. It displays save video or download symbol click on it and it starts downloading the video

Now you are done with downloading your loved facebook videos with the help of most simple tips and tricks. With these tricks you can download any type of video on your facebook to your computer and smart phone and spread your love in your style.

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