How To Detect That Your Phone Infected With Virus and Malware

75% of the mobile users are switched into smartphones with the increased use of technology. And the interesting thing is that number of hackers and mobile virus spreaders too increased quickly. Here in this post you will come to know how to know your phone infected with virus and malware.

According to a cheetha mobile survey, it stated that about 55% of the android mobiles are infected with malicious promotion malware with can easily stole your data and makes your phone laggy and turned out.

Here we provided some of the major identities that shows that your phone infected with virus or hacked with malware.

1. Runs out of Control:

Phone infected with virus and malware

It is the first thing that you need to observe in your phone. Mobiles phones infected with virus or hacked with virus mostly runs out of control without your permission. It automatically draws out its required data without knowing yourself.

Signs showing phone infected with virus and malware:
  • Turns your Wi-Fi automatically.
  • Turns out flash light.
  • Lightens the sleeping screen.
  • Opens your gallery and contacts with out your touch in the sleeped screen.
  • Switches off suddenly while in use.

2. Battery Drains:

Phone infected with virus and malware

This is the other way indicating you the sign of malware infected in to mobile. Infected virus runs the background apps without letting you know that they are opened and thus involves in draining your battery.

  • Running of background apps without opening them.
  • Quick drop out in the battery level.
  • Unusual charging and discharging time.

3. Browser Extensions: 

Phone infected with virus and malwareWell, now we are in the correct point about the virus, where 95% of the viruses enter through your browser surfing. When you entered an unknown site it shows some popup ads, when you accidentally make a click on it then the virus will starts flowing into your phone through the browser and tracks your data and privacy information.

  • Auto opens browser windows.
  • open tabs automatically.
  • Adds browser extensions.
  • Slow downs your browser.

4. Draws Down Performance: 

Phone infected with virus and malware

If you phone infected with virus, then it surely slows down your phone performance that means it slows down your phone hardware performance and lacks the speed.

This is how you can identify them:
  • Quickly swipe home icon windows.
  • Open and close home window.
  • Start and stop the apps.

Try implementing above quick suggestions on your phone and if you found any issue with drop down of phone performance then surely you need to recognise that you phone at risk with infected virus.

5. Calls and Texts:

Phone infected with virus and malwareWhen connecting a call sometimes your call tends or cuts down unexpectedly. You might think that it was a network error but you need to know that your data is being stolen by malware and virus while you are on a call or text.

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Tip of the Topic: 

Not only you, but there are many people who doesn’t know that their phone infected with virus and malware. Identifying the signs of phone infected with virus and malware decreases the risk of damaging of your phone and stealing of your data so always having a look on your phone performance works a lot for you in securing your phone.

Sandeep Kumar

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  1. Dinesh Verma says:

    Thanks for sharing sir. Can you please share some good antivirus tools for my Android device.
    Dinesh Verma recently posted…Create Infinite Scroll Using C# and jQuery To Auto Load Data On ScrollMy Profile

  2. malware is a virus that sucks

  3. George says:

    I understand that we need to use Antivirus and Anti-Malware programs on our PC like MalwareFox and such, but on Android phones? Are you sure about that? I mean, Android is based on Linux, which is supposed to be an OS that will not need any security, right? Also, I understand that people would not want their phone to slow down, but having their information stolen? Of course, it’s not something that sounds good, but why is everyone that scared of it? What is the big deal about it? I understand that if you’re working for FBI or a secret agency you wouldn’t to have anyone looking at what you’re doing, but how is that scary for your average person? Sorry but I just can’t understand.

  4. ashik says:

    you give me a Lot’s of useful information about the virus can you chose one anti virus to my phone

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