Daily Health Tips For Good Health

We’ve done a better health tips for you and here we presented you the top daily health tips. These natural health tips gives you a life changing tricks in easy way.

In this you are not supposed or advice to do heavy exercises or routine fitness tips and you are now all set clear to achieve good health with simple changes in your routine.

1. Answering the phone:

Majority of the person’s answer their phone calls with their right ear. But they don’t know that answering the call with right ear affect the brain. As phone calls release harmful radiation, that may greatly affect the brain with radiation.

And the most importantly you should not make or receive a phone call while you are having lower battery level as lower battery calls releases more radiation.

Receiving a phone call on left ear reduces the direct effect of brain. So, make sure you answer your call with a left ear.

2. Taking Heavy Meals:

Noticing or unnoticing many people take their heavy meals without any means of time. But, seriously this could be your great mistake in your daily diet. Taking heavy meals regardless of time increases your weight and imbalances your diet. It is recommended to take heavy meals on morning and afternoon sessions but not the evening sessions that means after 5 pm.

You can take more healthy food before 5pm, and after this session take little amount of meals which are rich in proteins and avoid high meals by adding fruits after your meals.

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3. Taking Medicine:

There are few things that you should do before and after taking medicine.

  • while taking medicine you should not drink the cold water.
  • After taking the medicine you should not lie down quickly.

4. Taking Water:

The more you take the more fluids you gain with water, energy lost in the form of sweat can be regained quickly by taking good adequate of water. It’s important to take more water in the morning and less during the night.

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5. Sleeping:

To stop and restart your day, you should have sufficient sleep to work with extra energy in the morning. The more you sleep the more your stress levels will be reduced. For a better day, best sleeping time is from 10 pm to 4 am.

Tip of the Topic:

Above mentioned health tips are most important health tips for men and women. To gain the good health  you need to be free from stress and pain. For a healthy day start your day with a smile and love.


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